Friday, 21 August 2015

Things you should do before selling or replacing your android phone

Things you should do before selling or replacing your android phone 

by Zaheer Khan..

Have you upgraded purchased or replaced your smart phone recently? Here are a few good tips to keep in mind concerning the things you’re going to want to do to your original phone before saying goodbye to it.

Recent Replacement

If you are replacing your old android phone you’re first going to want to transfer the information from your original phone onto your replacement.  Android makes doing that pretty simple, especially if you have your Gmail account set correctly and you know how to log into it. Basically you’re Gmail account will automatically save your contacts calendar and depending on your current android OS (Operating System) (4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) might save your applications that you download from the marketplace as well as the some personal settings.
The Pictures you’re going to want to save onto a memory card, save onto a computer, or online backup service, for easy importation and security. One of the first prompts you go through when setting up your android is whether you want to transfer information from a previous phone, that option might be the most simple (don’t neglect your backups though).
Just make sure you save what you need to from your original before moving on with your replacement.

Keep your SIM

Unless your phone came with a new SIM card you’re going to want to keep the one you have.  Some people continue using their old SIMs through multiple replacements, which you can do, it definitely makes it easier, but as technology gets better I recommend you replace your SIM card every couple years, especially if you ever start getting SIM card errors or start having network related issues.

Remove your SD

Don’t forget to remove your memory card. You’re probably going to want to continue using it on your replacement phone. Definitely remove your memory card if you need to send your original phone in after filing a warranty or insurance claim. For one you don’t want to lose anything saved to it, and two they supposedly destroy external SD cards if they ever receive them … either way you probably won’t get your SD card back if you send it in on accident. Don’t forget to remove your SD.

Sending your android in

If you got a replacement through insurance or warranty and they want you to send in your original, then after you transfer your information to your replacement you might want to erase the data from your old device. Especially if you use your phone for work, school, business, church, social functions, clubs or anything that might require you to have information on your phone that you don’t want others to have the chance of accessing. You are going to want to do a full factory clear and erase everything on your phone as a precaution before sending it in.