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Change and Customize your Android Phone Fonts

Change font of your Android Phone is very easy task. When you buy a new phone ,your phone come with stock rom. Stock rom has many legs that’s why changing font give a new look to your android phone. In here I tell you a awesome app,with the help of this you can change any android phone fonts with root or without root. If you want better customise your android phone try this.

Top 5 Best Free Android Apps 2014 for Customization

change android fonts with ifontI am not saying only this android app is best. But this one is reliable and easy to use.  Ifont Android App designed for changing fonts of android phone. When you use this android app your phone become more awesome and looks different. In Ifont app you find collection of fonts for your android phone.

Ifont make your phone looks classy and you also surprise your friends by changing android fonts.

With this android font changer app you easily change  Samsung Galaxy S3,S4,Note,Note II Fonts. Ifont don’t need root or reboot.

How you Add/Write text and Artwork to your Photos in Android Phone

Ifont has many features like :

  • Automatic backup fonts.
  • Change font size.
  • Support all type android phones.
  • Instant change fonts.
  • App UI is good.
change android fonts with ifont
Download Ifont for Changing Android Fonts

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    Easy Android ROMs Customization Through Xposed Framework

Thursday, 15 September 2016

How you Add/Write text and Artwork to your Photos in Android Phone

Write text on photo with android phone is possible with the help of Over android App.This app can write your quoted text on any photos.This is best app for writing and adding text on photo and images.
Ho you Add/Write text and Artwork to your Photos in Android Phone
Over is the app for adding text and artwork to your photos. Designed with mobile creatives in mind, Over features standard and custom-made fonts and well-crafted artwork combined with a sleek design, easy-to-use functionality, and immediate sharing ability.
Features Include:


 Over features unique, beautiful fonts and original, eye-catching artwork from a variety of artists for you to add to your pictures.

 In Over, you’ll be able to discover artwork perfect for outdoor adventures, add handcrafted icons for any occasion, design with geometric font awesomeness, say “Happy Birthday” in style, present challenging and inspirational words, and much more.
EDITING: In Over you can nudge, size, rotate, fade, copy, and center your artwork and text, tint and crop your photos, and stretch your text. Pick from among plenty of color choices to make the text or artwork pop, or blend in.

Download Over Android Photo Editing App

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Top 5 Best Free Android Apps for Android Customization

best android apps
Top 5 Best android apps
Here we present top 5 free android apps for android.These apps are not alternatives so my advice you can install all of these on android phone.
If you wanna make your droid cool and diffrent from others so I recommend you to try and intsll these free apps for android.
If you stuck from slow android try :

How to Speed up an Android Smartphone

LMT Launcher

LMT Launcher has come with much more features in Android like control your home button,back button from Screen. With this launcher you can multitask in android phone.Set gestures to oen settings ya app.
This is a new way to accessing your home buttons.
 You can install LMT launcher app on “any” Android smartphone/tablet device and also even customize the buttons (up to 10 buttons + another 10 for long-press on the buttons). This is a rooted app , so first make sure that you root your phone.
Download LMT Launcher
LMT Launcher

Start: Android Lockscreen Changer App

In Android You can Customize everything that you want. so you can modify  and customize your lockscreen too.Now here we show a Best android lockscreen changer app.This eye catching android app name is Start . Lock screen is a first screen of any android phone.So you first need to customize your android lockscreen by start android app.
This is the best free wallpaper lock screen app for download in android.
 The lock screen app provides quick access to any app, either via a ring menu to unlock or small tabs spread out on the right or left sides of the screen. By pulling each one out, this brings content into focus, such as galleries, feed reader, weather or Google Search. Also, the volume profile can be changed directly using the slider.

This is best option for android lockscreen replacement.
The lock screen app also displays date, time and battery levels. A shortcut on the top right provides quick access to settings allowing the user to customize its look and functions at will.That’s why i called this best android lockscreen widgets.

Download Start Locksreen Changer app

Easy Android ROMs Customization Through Xposed Framework

Besides the usual customization we can do with Android launchers and Android widgets, we also love to try new features that available on custom ROMs. But custom ROMs can be unstable and buggy sometimes and the process to flash over to a new ROM is very time-consuming, especially if you need to restore your backup and app settings.

Through Xposed Framework, by just downloading and installing a ready-made module you can make modification (modules) to any element of the OS or the app itself without the need of flashing a new ROM. For example, if you ever need to skip YouTube ads on your android, download the module for that, install, enable and reboot your device for the effect to take place immediately.
Xposed has many features than any other app on android market.
Like Multiwindow,block ads ,change imei in android,transperancy in android themes.
More modules for xposed framework here

Create, Make and Change Your Android 

Boot Animation

We like changes in Android.In android there is default bootanimation we don’t like them. So we stumble them.Changing a boot animation is taking a risk .Here we talking about how can you create and install a custom boot animation in your android.
Android Boot Changer

Themer Beta : Match Your Style

Themer is best launcher of 2013 .This launcher has tons of themes for customizations.
Themer is the ultimate Homescreen replacement app. Flip through our extensive library of free, premium themes, each complete with icons, wallpapers, widgets, and more. Your phone will instantly look amazing and feel brand new with minimal effort. Just hit “Apply” and everything is set up for you. We have themes that are minimal, colorful, exotic, and beautiful.
Themer also makes your phone smarter with Smart Categories that auto-categorize your apps, making them easier to find and launch.

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How To Create, Make and Change Your Android Boot Animation

We like changes in Android.In android there is default bootanimation we don’t like them. So we stumble them.Changing a boot animation is taking a risk .Here we talking about how can you create and install a custom boot animation in your android.
First you confirm that your android is root or not.

When you confirm that your android is root so begin 
to next step:

Boot Animations (Root) App.

Welcome to the best Boot Animation manager on Android. This app contains more features and boot animations than any other app!
Features include:
★ 300+ custom boot animations
★ Convert any animated GIF to a boot animation
★ Install boot animations from your SD card
★ Root file explorer (all features included)
★ Convert boot animations to animated GIFs
★ Preview boot animations
★ Randomize your boot animations (new boot animation each reboot)
★ Resize any boot animation and change the FPS
★ Backup/Restore multiple boot animations
★ Disable your boot animation for a faster boot
Android has a few places where boot animations can be installed to. It may be that your install location isn’t correct. You can select different install locations by clicking menu >> Install Location inside the app. The app also can help you find your install location by clicking menu >> Preferences >> Find locations.
Please make sure that the boot animation matches the resolution of your device or is smaller. Re-sizing the animation doesn’t always work and sometimes causes a blank screen rather than a boot animation. Some manufactures (e.g. Samsung) don’t use the standard format for boot animations. For devices that do not support the original format you will need to install a custom kernel which supports the standard boot animation. Flashing this ZIP in recovery will fix the issue on most Sumsung devices. Please make a current nandroid backup before flashing. ROM Installer may be used to flash the ZIP file.
Unfortunately, We don’t own each Android device but we have tested installing boot animations on as many devices as we can. We will continue to do our best at making the install process as smooth as possible.
Step by step guide
1. Download the custom boot animations what  you want,here  is a collection of custom boot animation download link here
2. Grab the Boot animations root app here.
3. Open the app then choose Backup/Restore through the menu options. Backup your original boot animation by tapping Backup. (You can restore your original boot animation from here too with the Restore option.)
4. Locate your custom boot animation file (in this case, ‘’). Long-press the zip file then choose Install.
Note: File names such as ‘’ should be renamed to ‘’ before installing it.
5. After you have done installing, reboot your device to see your new custom boot animation.
And that’s it. You now know how to customize your boot animation.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

How to hack wifi password using Android Phone without Root

Hack WiFi from Android is very simple if your android mobile is the rooted phone. But what do you do when your android phone is not rooted.
How to hack wifi password using Android Phone without Root
How to hack wifi password using Android Phone without Root
You don’t, believe me; I receive daily 10-20 emails daily for hacking wifi password from android mobile without rooting android phone. For my readers, today I write how to hack wifi password from android mobile without rooting. This is simple and you can download free android app from Google Play Store.
Don’t worry all these tricks are also works in rooted android mobile user.

How to hack wifi password using Android Phone without Root


This wifi password hacking app works in android mobile without root but only in  Lollipop 5.O and Marshmallow.Make sure you update your Android phone to lollipop.
This wifi hacking app supports only WPA WPS routers. That means you can’t hack WPA2 secure router from this app.
1. Launch this app and tap on the refresh button. If this app shows green icon on your wifi name, that means this app can hack wifi password. Select Green Signal WiFi and move to next steps.
WPA WPS Tester App for Hacking WiFi Password from Android Mobile
WPA WPS Tester App for Hacking WiFi Password from Android Mobile
2. Tap on Connect automatic Pin and if you are lucky, this app can hack wifi password in just a few seconds.
WPA WPS Tester App for Hacking WiFi Password from Android Mobile
WPA WPS Tester App for Hacking WiFi Password from Android Mobile

Price: Free


AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect )

AndroDumpper is also an another wifi hacking Android app that claims to hack wifi password in android mobile without rooting in android phone.
The Application will try to connect to WPS enabled Wifi Routers that have the WPS vulnerability using some algorithms to connect to the Wifi.
AndroDumpper WiFi Hacking App
AndroDumpper WiFi Hacking App
The application has two methods to connect:
– Root Method: Supported all android version but should be rooted.
– No Root Method: supports only Android 5 (Lollipop) and up.
For Android 5 (Lollipop) and up:
– If you are not rooted, you can use the application to connect, but you cannot show password unless you are rooted.
– If you are rooted will be alerted to choose either Root Method or No Root Method. , you can display the password using both methods
For Android 4.4 and earlier:
– You have to be ROOTED for both connecting and showing password
– If Your are not Rooted, then you cannot use the application
if you already know the WPS PIN you can use the app to connect and get the password using your PIN

AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) ScreenshotAndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) ScreenshotAndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) Screenshot

AndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) ScreenshotAndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) ScreenshotAndroDumpper ( WPS Connect ) Screenshot
This App is for Testing and Educational purpose only, I’m not responsible for any bad usage

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How To Know how Many People Using your Wifi Network with Android

When you connect your android phone with wifi network. You don’t know how many exact people connect on the same wifi network. If your wifi Network is public that means lots of pc and mobile connected your wifi network. 

fing wifi analyzer
Fing is a Android app that tells your every wifi user name and his ip with mac. MAC means(Media Access Control) this is a unique id of any mobile or pc.
Fing is network analyzer for android phone. 

Find Lots of Wifi Tricks for Android in Our Wifi Section

Fing has many features see below.

1. Display all mac address with device manufacturer
2. Search any user with his ip or mac
3. Service scan eg: FTP,SSH
4. Ping and Traceroute
5. DNS lookup
6. Totally free app without any ads
7. Wake on LAN

Fing is very important app when you want to see how many people using your wifi internet connection. If you found any strange device ,immediately change your wifi password. 
So download android wifi analyzer apk from google play store.

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Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to Unlock/Bypass iPhone Passcode – iPhone 6/6 plus/5/5c/5s/4/4s

In iPhone forget the passcode is very frustrating. The passcode is very good security in iPhone, but sometimes you forgot your passcode and your phone is dead. On The Internet, there are many legal and Illegal ways to unlock and bypass the security of your iPhone Passcode. But in this post, we give you some official method to unlock your iPhone. Bypass Security passcode method works in all type of iPhone like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, 5, 5c, 5s, 4 and 4s. 

Unlock/Bypass iPhone Passcode - iPhone 6/6 plus/5/5c/5s/4/4s

Below you see we share three different methods for unlocking your iPhone Passcode. These all three methods are legal. Below method works in all ios versions like ios 8, 7, 6, 5 and etc.

Method 1.  Unlock iPhone Passcode Using iCloud

This method works only if you have enabled Find My Phone feature on your iOS device. Because by using this method you can easily restore your iPhone and unlock your passcode. Actually, this is an amazing feature of iOS devices. It’s also very helpful when you lost your phone. You can reset all your valuable data remotely and many more.
1. Go to this link on your PC.
2. Now sign in with your Apple ID and password.
3. Click All Devices at the top of your browser window.
4. From there select any device- iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, whose data you want to erase.

5. Click “Erase” to erase your desired device and its passcode.
6. Now using the setup assistant on your device to restore the most recent backup and it will take your complete data back excluding passcode
Congratulations! Check your iPhone, you’ve successfully unlocked your iPhone passcode.

Method 2. Unlock iPhone Passcode Using iTunes

This method works with iTunes. So open your iTunes on your PC, and follow the below steps.
  1. Connect the PC with your iPhone, which you normally use to connect your iPhone with iTunes, otherwise, it won’t work for you.
  2. Now it’ll automatically sync your iPhone and will create a backup of all your data.
  3. Afterwards, restore your iPhone.
  4. After that, it will show you different backups of your device, choose the most recent backup.
  5. After completion of your restore process, you’ll able to use your phone without the passcode. Enjoy!

Method 3. Unlock iPhone Passcode Using Recovery Mode

This is the third and last method as I know, most of the Apple iPhone user love this method.
  1. First of all, Hold Sleep/Wake button and then tap on Power Off option.
  2. Now Press and Hold Home button and at the same time plug in your device with your computer then your device will be automatically turned on.
  3. Don’t leave the home button until you see option that, Connect to iTunes
  4. Then iTunes will prompt message that it has detected a device, you need to tap on OK
  5. After that, restore your device with the same steps as described above.
Now you have learnt that How to Unlock iPhone Passcode.  Above you see three different methods for unlocking your iPhone passcode. If you got any problem then contact me.

Best Free Data Recovery Software for all iOS Devices | iPhone/iPad/iPod

This is very common fault, many iPhone and iOS users  accidentally delete camera photos and  contacts in iPhone. Now they don’t know how to recover these deleted photos from iPhone. What is Good software for recovering delete photos, pictures and message from iPhone ?
In this post we clear your all confusions about recovering data in iPhone.ifamilyphoto

But I think first you need to know what is Data Recovery.

What is Data Recovery

Data Recovery is process of recovering your delete data like movies, pics, pictures, messages, contacts and music.  On Internet there are many type of software for recovering your delete in iPhone.
 But here in this post we use EaseUS recovery software for recovering your delete data. EaseUS is totally free and don’t need to pay any type of money.

How to recover delete & lost data on Android (rooted or not) 

EaseUS MobiSaver Free Software for Windows and Mac

EaseUS MobiSaver Free is an easy-to-use and completely free iPhone data recovery tool. It can retrieve lost contacts, messages, photos, notes, videos, etc from all iOS devices. Handing an iPhone is pretty cool and eye-catching. But if you lost your files or data due to accidental deletion, or iOS upgrade, device crash or damage, you will feel desperate and frustrated. If you don’t want to pay for the expensive price to recover your important files from iPhone, EaseUS MobiSaver Free is your best bet.
How to Unlock/Bypass iPhone Passcode – iPhone 6/6 plus/5/5c/5s/4/4s 


Steps for Recovering Deleted from iPhone

Recover Data From iOS Device

Step 1. Connect Device to PC and Select Recovery Mode Run EaseUS MobiSaver and connect your iOS device to the computer. Soon you will see the three recovery modes the software offers in its main window. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” mode and click “Scan” button on the right side.

Step 2. Scan the Device to Find Lost Data
Finish step 1, EaseUS MobiSaver will automatically scan your iOS device to find out and analyze all the existing and deleted files. The length of the time spend in scanning depends on the number of the file you stored on your device. So if there are lots of data on your device, please wait patiently till the software finish the scanning task. You can also click “Stop” button to cancel the scanning task and try to find lost data from current scan result.

Step 3. Preview and Recover The Lost Data
After scanning, all the recoverable files on the iOS device found by EaseUS MobiSaver will be displayed on the left side in well-organised categories. You can easily find and preview the exact type of file by clicking the correct category. Finally, you can select out all the iOS data you desire and get them back with one click on “Recover” button. Here you need to specify a folder to save the recovered files on your computer.
Top 10 New Apple IPhone Secret Codes 

Data Recovery Supported Devices 

Support almost all iOS devices

iPhone 6Plus, iPhone6, iPhone5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5,iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS iPad, iPad 2, The new Pad, iPad 4, iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 iPod touch iPod touch 5, iPod touch 4

Data Recovery Supported Files

Recover Photos , Recover Videos, Recover Messages, Recover WhatsApp Messages, Recover Contacts, Recover Call History, Recover Notes, Recover Calendar, Recover Reminders , Recover Safari, Bookmarks, Recover Message, Attachments, Recover Camera Roll
This is one of the best and free data recovery software for Windows and Mac. You can recover all type of deleted from iPhone and other iOS devices.

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