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Facebook Pages: How can one earn money with a facebook page?

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Facebook Pages: How can one earn money with a facebook page?

TT +(HRP) = $.

If you follow this basic formula, you should make money with Facebook. It has more than 1.5 billion visitors a month or 18 billion a year, so this will work really well..
Here's what the formula means.
Targeted Traffic + Highly Related Products = $

Facebook has an advertising platform that enables you to send in highly targeted traffic. You can group your target market in terms of interests, online behaviors, age, children or no children etc.
And marketing is about finding interested prospects, directing them to your product, and helping them make the purchase.
And Facebook allows you to send the traffic to many places including fan pages.
So here's what you can do.
You can create a Facebook page under a profitable niche, promote it, get fans, and promote highly related products. Just like the formula.
How do you find a profitable niche?
A profitable niche has these two qualities:
  1. Has to be big.
  2. Has to have desperate people.
A perfect example of a niche like that is the weight loss niche. Millions of people are struggling to lose weight and a big chunk are desperate to pay for products that'll give them fast results or supplements that'll make them lose weight without working.
You can find out if the niche is popular with.....FACEBOOK. Simply type in your keywords and see if at least 10 pages have:
  1. A lot of fans. (50k +)
  2. A lot of engagement and comments. (More than 150 likes per post)
If they do, you know the niche is popular.
You can find out if the niche is profitable with....GOOGLE. Simply type in your keyword and see if a lot of adverts show up on the top and sidebar. If they're all populated, it's worth promoting because others are doing it. Make sure you turn off ad block.
Once you know they do, create a related fan page and start promoting it.
Find highly related products and promote it.
You have your niche, and your fan page, and they're engaged. Now what should you do once it's growing and you're getting traffic?
Promote highly related products that'll benefit them. Here are some sources you can use:
  • Clickbank
  • Shareasale
  • Commission Junction
When you find the product, you can just post directly to it. But I won't advise it because..
You'll be cutting yourself short if you just post the product like that.
If you do that, you leave the selling to the product owners. And they don't know your traffic. So the best way to about this is to create a review blog.
Simply find your product and email the owners asking for a review copy. This normally means more money will come their way and they'll be happy to send you a free copy.
Check out the product and make a review of it.
That's the essence of it.
Summary for ADHD people:
Create a Facebook fan page, promote to people in your niche, sell related products either through direct linking or reviewing the products (Advised).
Below are resources to get started.