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Best CMD Tricks & Hacks for Windows | 2016

Best CMD Tricks & Hacks 2016 : Now we are here to discuss about CMD Tricks & Hacks for Windows Operating System. Many of you who aware about windows will know about what cmd is like Command Prompt you used to open using run box by typing CMD. From the last 100 years, Humans have evolved very fast on the mental state. We’ve come across electrical, electronics, Computers and their Operating software, As climbing the ladder of evolution. We, humans have learnt to teach LOGIC to non-living things. Computer is the best result of what we have achieved form the best of our learning. But when the time of its evolution (Computers), it needs to go through many various phases of testing. Many companies like IBM, MICROSOFT, APPLE etc. tried to make it simple for the end user to control these Stupid Boxes.
Here comes the first official OS for controlling these boxes by Microsoft (approx. since 1960’s). While Launching this first Text based OS (CUI) which can only take input via keyboard. They introduced the command line program to the Computer world. User can type what kind of task he needs to do. If it is valid command, The DOS OS will execute it and provide desired result as per the command. But the Main Drawback of this OS, which is I think the main reason for the failure of DOS is its commands. Because we are humans and we don’t wanna remember unnecessary things to do small tasks. Hence, It failed against APPLE’s GUI – APPLE 1. So, from that ancient time, we are simply using GUI OS’s, mainly windows, Linux, iOS. But these OS’s can provide us easiness for control but can’t provide everything that DOS could easily do. e.g. Finding IP Address of connected systems or your own system, Resolving Domain names, Active connections etc. In various scenarios, knowledge of these things makes you a better and ACTIVE user. Who can fix his own problems without depending on others. Lets Talk about Few Tricks which you can only do with the CMD. But not directly with windows Default System Interface. Windows Itself uses CMD commands to accomplish its tasks. lets see some Best Command Prompt Tricks.

All Best CMD Tricks & Hacks for Windows :

  • Creating Undeletable Folders:

In windows, you cannot create some folder with special names, Such as CON, lp1, lpt2, lpt3 up to lpt9, aux etc. because they are pre-defined keywords while windows was coded. So, you can’t make any folders named Pre-defined keywords. But with CMD in hand, you can do anything. Just open CMD. [windows > “CMD” > ENTER.] and type in following command.
MD “E:\CON\” best cmd tips tricks
This will make a folder named CON in your E: Drive. If you don’t have E: drive try replacing E: with any other Drive letter. Now, you can’t delete this created folder, nor you can move it. You can’t even get the info details of the folder and the items it contains. In few Windows OS, like windows 8, 8.1, 10 . You can’t even open this folder directly by double clicking. That’s the trick you can use to protect your personal data, and you know what I mean. To remove this folder, Just Type RD instead of MD.
  • Shutdown computer: [also in network]

    Shutting down your computer is very easy using the command prompt window. just type the following command to make it happen.
Shutdown /s /t [sec.] /c “Your Message here…”
You can use /t  switch in order to shutdown your system after specified number of seconds. If you want to restart it instead of shutting down, just replace /s with /r. and to Log-off the system, simply replace /s with /l. The rest command remains as it is.
If you are a network administrator, then you can even shutdown all the PC’s in you network. Just by using single command as follows:
Shutdown /ibest cmd tips tricks (1)
and It will pop-up a dialogue box, to shutdown specified remote PC. Fill the required details to make it work. [Note: You must be an network ADMIN for doing that]
  • Immediately shutdown [without any delay]

    Sometimes, we need to immediately shutdown the system, instead of writing few seconds. You can accomplish it in two ways, either specify /t 0 in the command told above. Or you can also use specially made command switch for this purpose. Just type following thing in cmd:
Shutdown /pbest cmd tips tricks (2)
what this will do is that, it tells Command prompt that forcefully close all currently running applications and initiate shutdown of the system. where, /t 0  will not close all applications forcefully, it waits for the close of all applications hence, delay the shutdown process. Therefore, it is better to use /p than /t 0. for shutting down immediately.
  • Ruin Pc’s File Formats execution

    You can use this trick, in order to ruin someone’s PC. So, don’t use it for any destructive purpose. You can make it worthy by your innovative ideas. We are telling it for education purpose only. Let’s begin with its syntax. Open CMD as ADMIN. and execute following:

Here, You can remove any file extension from playing. e.g. If I want to remove all mp3 files from playing. Just Type Following in the CMD window. [Note: As this command directly deals with windows registry, So use it carefully]
Assoc .mp3=best cmd tips tricks (3)
Now next time when you start your computer, it will not be able to play mp3 files. Don’t use this trick on the .exe files, as it can Fuck your system. And you may need to re-install your windows.So, beware of its mis-use.
  • Hiding / Unhiding Private folders with CMD

    You can simply Hide / unhide folders with only one command in the cmd world. The File you’ll hide using cmd can’t  be seen even though you Turn ON the ‘Show Hidden Files/ folders‘ option. This is only because, windows itself uses the same technique to protect its sensitive files form the end user. We’ll use the same trick for protecting our personal stuff. Have a look at the following command syntax:
Attrib xR xS xA xH [Path of File/folder]
Here, that’s the general syntax. If you want to Hide a Folder named “Next Level Tricks Rocks” in your D: drive. Then all the ‘x‘ in the above syntax will be replaced with ‘+‘ sign. And then the path of the folder. e.g:
Attrib +R +A +S +H “D:\Next Level Tricks Rocks”
best cmd tips tricks (4)
Similarly, if you want to unhide it. Just Write the same thing, but replace all ‘+‘ with ‘‘ signs. You can remember this command as I have done as, Attrib for Attributes, then RASH for Rashes. 
Attrib -R -A -S -H “D:\Next Level Tricks Rocks”
That’s all for Now. I’ll return with some other windows Tricks and manipulations. I hope you’ll Like CMD – Best Tips and Tricks | 2016 Article. For any query and Suggestion please do comment below. I have made this article as simple as it can be possible. But as Sir Einstein Said, ” Things can be simple, but not simpler.” or precisely writing, “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.

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