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Best Education Android Apps for Student {Learn Something New}

Android phone is very useful if you use phone for your needs. In this post we collect some best android apps any student. These education android apps make your android phone more smarter and help you in studies. You can learn lots of things from your android phone. Stop Facebook andWhatsapp and download these apps and increase your knowledge.

education android apps

Best Education Android Apps for Student

1. Mathway

Mathway Android App
Mathway Android App
Mathway solves all type of problems in Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, and Chemistry.Receiving answers on Mathway is completely free, but step-by-step solutions require payment.
Developer: Mathway
Price: Free+



NASA is the official app from NASA Space Organization, In this app you get latest news about nasa latest missions, research, images and future missions. This is one of the best app for getting latest new about space missions.

Developer: NASA 
Price: Free

3. Star Chart

Star chart is one of the amazing android app for people who like astrology and space. With this app you see any star location in space with name. You can also see exact location of earth in space from virtual program. Download this app for increase your knowledge about space and astrology.

Star Chart
Price: Free+


    4. NeuroNation Brain Training

    NeuroNation Brain Training android app increase your brain performance. This app designs for increasing brain intelligence and capability. In this app you found brain games and lots of things.

    Developer: NeuroNation
    Price: Free+


    5. Udemy

    Udemy is one of the greatest place for learn anything from internet. Here you find video tutorials for learn anything from mobile like and computer languages, video editing, making android app, photography and lots of more. You can also Lynda app for finding best video tutorials on lots of topic.

    Udemy Android App
    Developer: Udemy
    Price: Free+


      6. Math Tricks

      Math Tricks app is for student who like maths, with this app you can increase the speed of your calculation with math games. You can learn a different type of math tricks for solving math problems ver easily with this android app.

      Math Tricks
      Developer: Antoni
      Price: Free

      7. Duolingo

      Want to learn English, French , Spanish and other languages in mobile. Download duolingo android app for learning english and any language in android mobile. Actually I learn English and French from this app in one month , not very well but ok, ok.

      Developer: Duolingo
      Price: Free

      8. Learn Programming

      Learn 30+ Programming Languages  Angular,, C++, CSS, CSS2, CSS3, HTML5, Java, Javascript, jQuery, JSP, Lua, Perl, Php, Python, Ruby, SQL, SVG, VBScript, XSL-Fo, XSL and lots of other from this app. You can learn various langauge from step by step with great examples from this android app.

      Learn Programming
      Developer: Jan Tursky
      Price: Free+

      9. Photomath

      Photomath is one of the most amazing android app for math solvers, with this android app you can solve math problems from only taking picture. Yeah this is right , open this app and take the picture from your phone and your math problems solve in step by step.


      10. Flipboard

      Flipbaord is news android ap but the twist is flip mag style. You can read news from famous website at one place from this android app. Flipboard also give you ability to read latest trends of Facebook, twitter and google plus in this app.
      Developer: Flipboard
      Price: Free

      Learn something new from this android apps and increase your knowledge from android phone. Make your android more smarter and useful for your needs from these apps.

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