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Lettest Youtube Tips And Tricks 2016

Lettest Youtube Tips And Tricks 2016 

In this article of mine  you wll get all kind of tips and tricks releated to youtube 

How To Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android ?

Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android In this Era of Smartphones, Android is the most Famous OS which has popularized over a very short time span. But new things come with new Problems. If you are using android smartphones, which are somewhat similar to using a Pocket sized computer. But unlike computers, you can’t do multitasking in it. The problem with this feature in androids is that, you have to root your phone for getting multitasking benefits.Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android-min
If you rooted, your phone via following some procedure then your own security and safety will be at sake of using multitasking. In other words, you are just trading one thing for the other. You are trading your security and safety for a new feature. but in this post, we are going to show you doing the same multitasking trick, without rooting your phone. For this purpose, we’ll simply use an external Application which will allow you to Play YouTube videos in Background on Android.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android without Rooting :

The method is very simple and easy and just requires simple android app, which will allow you to play your favorite YouTube videos in the background. So, follow up the steps below to proceed with the complete guide below.

Steps To Play YouTube Videos in Background In Android :

  1. Before anything, You need to install Floating Tube” Application in your android Device from your Play Store.
  2. Once installed, you need to open the app and it will load their recommended videos for you.
  3. Search for your Favorite / interest in the search Bar. The Suggested videos will come on the screen.
  4. Simply open the video, that you want to open in the Background.
  5. The Application starts loading the video, Once loaded, it starts video in the Background.
Thats it, you can now do whatever you want your videos will always run in the background, you can do any task without closing the playing video.
There you go. Here’s all about the Play YouTube videos in Background on Android. If you are in any doubt, or need any help in applying all these steps on your device. You can easily leave a comment below this post, we’ll respond to you within 24 hours, and Your problem will be solved definitely. Thanks.

How to Download YouTube Videos in HD Quality ?

People are Looking to Download YouTube Videos. There are many Website Who Offer Capability to Download YouTube Videos with IDM But User Face Difficulties to Download YouTube Video from These site. So Now Today, I Will Share a Best Website to Download YouTube Video without any Survey or Irritating Ads. You can Download Videos in any Quality like 720p, 1080p, 2K and 4K. I Personally use this Method to Download YouTube Songs and Other Videos. After Use this Website I share my Experience n my Site that How you can Easily Download YouTube Videos without facing any Error Step by Step.
How to Download YouTube Videos with IDM ?
How to Download YouTube Videos ?
People Use YouTube Because of Entertainment, Learn from Tutorials, Songs and Funny Videos. You can Watch any type of Videos on YouTube Free. But There is no Download Option for YouTube Videos. So That why we Use Third Party Website to Grab or Download YouTube Videos. The Amazing thing is here that With this Below Tutorial you can also Download YouTube Videos in Whatever Quality you want and also Convert your YouTube Videos online and Download in any Format like MP3 or More.

How to Easily Download YouTube Videos ?

  1. Go To Website Homepage.
  2. Copy YouTube Video’s Link that You want to Download.
  3. Paste in “Media URL” and Hit “Continue” Button.
  4. Choose your Video Quality of Your Video It may be 720p, 1080p, HD and 4k.
  5. It can take few Seconds to Convert Media.
  6. On Next Screen you can See the Download Button where you can Get Your Video.


If You Face any Type of Problem While Downloading YouTube Videos So Leave your Comment Below. We can Fix as Soon as Possible. Above is the Best Way to Download YouTube Videos I Ever Found on Internet. Just Once Try This You never Move on another Way to Download YouTube Videos.

How to Monetize Multiple Youtube Channels Under One Adsense Account ?

Here, Today I will teach you “How to Monetize Multiple Youtube Channels under One Adsense Account ?”. You already Know that there are many people who make Money from Youtube and Some of Youtubers has Multiple Youtube Accounts. But According to Adsense policy Each Person can make Only one Adsene account with his name and Address. So thats why am Share a simple steps to Monetize Multiple Youtube account under One Adsense Account.
You already Know that Youtube has Billion of views Daily and It is very Easy to make money from Youtube. For Example Like Celeb, Singers and Artists. Once you Monetize your Video Youtube pay you as according to per View. So If you have Multiple Youtube Channels and You want to Receive Both Channel’s Earning So, Here is a Simple Guide that How to Monetize Multiple Youtube Channels under One Adsense Account ?. Many of newbie Face this Problem They confuse that how they get money from two Youtube Account in Single Adsense account.

How to Monetize multiple Youtube Channels Under One Adsense Account ?

  1. Go to YouTube and Login Your Account. Click on Your Image Choose Subscription in Drop Down Menu Like Below Picture.
  2. Here You See additional Feature Below and Click on ‘View Additional Feature’ Now this Page is the Main Page on Where We Work.Monetization Option in Youtube
  3. Click on View Monetization Setting Where You See the Six Question Below Now Click on “How Will i be Paid ?” It Expand in Two Line Where You find the Association Adsense Account Click on It.
  4. Click on NEXT
  5. Now Time to Select the Existing Adsense Account.          Connet Two YouTube Account with One Adsense Account                                                
  6. Now You See the Screen like Above Shown Select ‘Use a Different or new Google Account’ rather that Click on Same Google Account that You Associate with Youtube. 
  7. On the Next Step It Will Ask You that Google Account that is Already Associated with Adsense Enter Email & Password Hit Enter and It Will Redirected Where They Said You want to Show ads on YouTube URL and Click NEXT and Then on Next Click Accept.test
  8. Now It Will Successfully Associated with Your Already Existing Adsense Easily Now Google Show you a for “Successful Association”.Monetization Successfull
  9. Click Next and Sign in You Previous Google Account. Now the Process is Finish


Guys There is No Problem to Associate Two or More YouTube Channels with One Google Adsense Account It is not Against the Adsense Policy So You can Freely Add Two Youtube Account with Single Adsense. If You have any Problem in this Tutorial so Please Comment Below We Will Solve Your Problem as Soon as Possible.

How to Make Money with Youtube Channel ? [2016]

Making Money From YouTube Channel is a Very Fast Way To Generate Money Online. Yeah This Line is Too Old But I Clear Your Doubt that this Line is 101 % True. You Also Heard People Who Upload Videos and Make Money From YouTube that is Damn True. According to Me If You are a Good Video Creator and Editor You Can Make Money Easily with Youtube. There is no Limit to Make Money with your Youtube Channel. You can Withdraw your Youtube Money Via Google Adsense Program. It can Easily Approved Via Youtube Partner and your Earning is Going through this account to your Bank Account.
How to Make Money with Youtube Channel in 2015 ?

Why Youtube is Best Way to Make Money ?

Question Aries in all of Your Mind is Why I Prefer Youtube to Make Massive Money Online. So, Listen Carefully. Upload Videos on Youtube is Very Simple and You Just make Funny Video, Gaming, Gadget Reviews or in any Field You Interested and Upload it on Youtube. When Your Channel is going Popular and you got Paid for your Every Video View. Make More Videos as much you can and Earn a Massive Cash. You can upload Videos Like Funny Video, Songs Videos or make Videos on Some Other Stuffs and You have More Views and Subscribers and Your Youtube ads is Hit by Millions of People that Gives you a Better Revenue as Compared to your Job.

Example :

Live Example of Making Millions by Uploading Videos on Youtube is PewDiePie & Joseph Garrett Who Make Massive Money with his Youtube Channel. He Has More Viewers than One Direction and Justin Bieber. 

How to SignUp with Youtube Partner Program ?

  1. Go to Youtube Homepage Now Login in Your Youtube Account and then Go to “Youtube Settings” Like Picture Show Below.Youtube Settings
  2. Now After Click on Youtube Setting On the Next Page You can See the “View Additional Option” Click on Option and Youtube Features page will Open That is Like.Youtube Monetization 2015
  3. Now Click on “Monetize Videos” and Next You will be Able to Show Ads on Your Youtube Videos. If any Problem So Go To Official Youtube Monetization Page.
  4. If You Already Have Adsense Account So Don’t Worry Your Youtube Account is Easily Connected with it.


In The End, People Who have Extremely Interested in Making Videos of Their Own So, Youtube is For You. Just Start Your YouTube Channel and Upload Videos to Youtube. This is the Most Elite Way to Make a Massive Money Online.

4K Video Downloader – Get YouTube Videos, Playlist & Audio

YouTube is the Number One Video Streaming Site in the World that Have Billions of Users World Wide. People use YouTube for Entertainment, Songs, Social Experiments and Gadget Reviews. There are Users who really Like some Video and want to Download that Videos So Guys We Have Good News for You that There is a Small Program named “4K Video Downloader”. It is a Windows Desktop Application that Enable user to Download YouTube Videos and with this you can also download the Whole YouTube Playlist from site.
There are Many Ways to Download YouTube Videos such as From Sites like Clip Converter, KeepVid etc. and On Internet there are many Desktop Application to Download YouTube Videos but they Only Provide the Limited Quality Video at 720p. So Guys Now that Time YouTube Support 2K and 4K Video Supports and Uploaded Many Videos too on YouTube that Supports 2K and 4K So If You want to Download the Original Video from YouTube in 4K So You Need to Download this Application. and Install on your Computer and Enjoy this Premium YouTube Video Downloader. It can use Special Mechanism that Download your YouTube Video very fast as Compare to Other Download Managers.

What is 4K Video Downloader ?

4K Video Downloader - Get YouTube Videos, Playlists & Audio4K Video Downloader is a Windows Program that use to Download YouTube Videos and Even Entire Playlist. But many People ask me that Why would we use this instead there are many Alternatives on Internet So Here is the Answer 4K Video Downloader use Special Mechanism to Download YouTube Video fast and Offer user to Download Video in High Quality that Uploaded to Site. Other Site Only Give you 720p Video and This gives to Beyong 720p like 2K and 4K Videos. O n the Official Site of 4K Video Downloader they have many Cool Applications like that Such as 4K YouTube for mp3, 4K Video to Audio, 4K Slideshow Maker, 4K Stogram etc.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos, Playlists & Audio :

  1. Go to Official Website and Download “4K Video Downloader” [ Get Here ]
  2. Install on your Computer and Open YouTube and Copy the Video URL and Open 4K Video Download and Click on “Paste Link”.4K video downloader to download youtube videos
  3. It Will start Parsing your Video URL and Show you the Different Quality of Video that you want to Download.4K video downloader to download youtube videos
  4. Choose the Highest Quality and Click on “Download” and It will Start Downloading that youtube videos with 4k video downloader

From Editor’s Desk :

I Recommended to my Friends and Visitors that Once try this YouTube Video Downloader It Offers you a Fast Downloading Speed as well as you can get High Quality Video from YouTube and Download Entire YouTube Playlist in your Computer. Above are the Easy Steps to use this Video Downloader. It can Make your work handy to Download YouTube Video, Playlist and more.

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts
Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts
We all Use YouTube because of Entertainment, Learn from Online Tutorials, How to Guides, Games Videos, Movies Trailers, Funny Videos and Watch Many more Videos on YouTube. It is ranked as the 3rd Website Mostly used on Internet and Have Four Billions Hits a Day. These Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts help you While Watching Videos on YouTube. You can Effectively use your Keyboard to Operate YouTube Videos with Basic Function Like Play/Pause, Forward to Specific Point and do Lot of things with your Keyboard without Touching your Mouse.

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Space Bar – Play/Pause
  2. Up and Down Arrow – Increase or Decrease Volume [Put the Cursor on Volume Control]
  3. Press any Number Between 0 to 9. It will Directly play Video from that point. Like if Press 1 Start from 10% of the Video.
  4. Press F11 to Enter Full Screen & Exit by Pressing ESC Button.
  5. Forward or Go Previous 5 Second of your Video By Pressing Left / Right Arrow.
  6. Also Use TAB to Move on YouTube Option on Video Player Like Watch Later, Small Player, Large Player and Change Video Quality.

From Editor’s Desk

Guys, While Watching Video on YouTube we don’t want to Break Concentration from Video. So, These Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Help us to Operate YouTube Videos with your Keyboard. These all Shortcuts are Tested by the Author. If You see any Problem withing the Post You can Leave Comment Below.