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Some Useful Tips Related To Youtube Internet And Computer

How to Download YouTube Videos in HD Quality ?

How to Download YouTube Videos with IDM ?
How to Download YouTube Videos ?
People Use YouTube Because of Entertainment, Learn from Tutorials, Songs and Funny Videos. You can Watch any type of Videos on YouTube Free. But There is no Download Option for YouTube Videos. So That why we Use Third Party Website to Grab or Download YouTube Videos. The Amazing thing is here that With this Below Tutorial you can also Download YouTube Videos in Whatever Quality you want and also Convert your YouTube Videos online and Download in any Format like MP3 or More.

How to Easily Download YouTube Videos ?

  1. Go To ClipConverter.cc Website Homepage.
  2. Copy YouTube Video’s Link that You want to Download.
  3. Paste in “Media URL” and Hit “Continue” Button.
  4. Choose your Video Quality of Your Video It may be 720p, 1080p, HD and 4k.
  5. It can take few Seconds to Convert Media.
  6. On Next Screen you can See the Download Button where you can Get Your Video.


If You Face any Type of Problem While Downloading YouTube Videos So Leave your Comment Below. We can Fix as Soon as Possible. Above is the Best Way to Download YouTube Videos I Ever Found on Internet. Just Once Try This You never Move on another Way to Download YouTube Videos.
How to Download Torrent Files With IDM ?
Download Torrent Files With IDM
It is Amazing that a Technology of “Cloud Sharing Sites” come Across the Internet that Allow a normal user to Download Torrent Files Directly without using Torrent Clients like uTorrent, Bit Torrent and Vuze. Now it Easiesr to Download Torrent Files Directly in Your Computer.

Steps to Download Torrent Files With IDM :

  1. Go to Zbigz.com, You can Paste Torrent Link or Upload (.torrent) File Manually and Then Click “Go”.Download Torrent Files With IDM Zbigz.com
  2. On the next Screen a Windows Come Up Where You Click on Free.Download Torrent Files With IDM Zbigz.com
  3. Now Wait for a Minute. It Cache Your File and Make Ready to Direct Download with IDM. (Time Depending on Torrent Health)003
  4. Click on Blue Zip Button and It Will Zipping you File and Again Clicking on Free.
  5. Now Your File is Ready to Download with IDM Directly.004

From Editor’s Desk :

Guys, Above is the Straight Up Tutorial To Download Torrent Files with IDM Directly. There are many Sire Around the Web who Offer This Service to Download any Torrent File Via IDM or Directly with normal Downloader.
IMPORTANT NOTE : You can’t Download any File Above 1GB Size with Zbigz. Otherwise You can Use uTorrent to Download Files more than 1GB. Many of Sites have a Limit of File Size to Download Torrent files Directly with IDM.

How to Send Large Files Through Email ? 2015 Gmail and OutLook
There are many Email Service Over the Internet Such as Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and Outlook etc. But every email service has a File Size Limit So thats a Problem when we want to send Large File through Email. Sometimes it is essentially need to send large file over an email so The Big IT Companies solve this problem Alternatively by adding their Cloud Storage Spaces with their Mailing Services.
Now here am Share a Simple and easy Steps to Send Extremely Large Files Over Email. This Problem is no More When Gmail and Outlook add their Cloud Storage Services within their Email Services. It make Easier to Insert File from their Cloud Storage and Send Files in GB on Email.
Basically Today am Talking about “How to send Large File On Gmail ?” Because Google is the Web Giant. Millions of people have their Email account in Gmail So I focus on Gmail. Here We already know Gmail has a 25MB file Size Limit. you can send a File above than 25mb It will show an error. So Follow these Below steps to Send Large Files on Gmail.

How to Send Large Files Through Gmail ?

  1. Log in Your Gmail Account.
  2. Click On Red Compose Button and in Right Side a Dialog Box Open Where you Enter the email of Recipients.send-email
  3. Below You see the Google Drive Logo where you Hit Enter and Again a Pop Up Screen come up Where you Choose How you send the File Like From Google Drive, Upload and Files that already shared with you
  4. Now Choose File and Folder from Google Drive and Click Insert to add in Email.choose-file-from-google-drive-email
  5. After that Your File is Looking Like this. Now Hit Send Button and It will successfully send to Recipients.look
Here We Show  the Simplest Steps to Send Large Files Through Email. Basically I Pick up Gmail to show this Tutorial because this is used by many of End users Over the World. Above You Learn How to Send Large Files Through Email  ? (Gmail). There are many other alternatives to Send large Files Like Outlook they can also Integrate Their Cloud Storage with their Email Service.
NOTE : If You Face any Type of Problem in This Tutorial You  can Freely Comment Below. 

We have a Mass Twitter Followers Script 2016 that you can use to get more followers daily on your twitter account. Many of our users use this Mass Twitter Followers Script  effectively and gain many followers like 1000, 50k and more you can use this script.

Why This Mass Twitter Followers Script ?

We already know that if you follow some individual person so most of the chance they follow you back. On twitter there are most of 40% of people who follow you back so guys that’s why am suggest this script. am also one use this script have gain almost 162 followers on my twitter account. After that i thought that this is really helpful for me also and also for our users. Everybody wants that he have more follower on twitter than his friends and relatives so people are searching on internet about Mass Twitter Followers Script so you can get this script from our site easily.

Steps to Get more Followers using Mass Twitter Followers Script :

  1. Open someone’s Twitter account and open their followers list (Check List Here)
  2. On that page you can see there are many follow button on their pages and you need to follow all.
  3. So here is the step where magic happens. you can use java script code in Browser to follow all of their followers just at once.
  4. Press F12 and you can notice that your browser will open the console of your browser( Mozilla & Chrome) and paste that script code in console and hit enter and then you follow all their followers at once. Script is given below.
javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName(‘button-text follow-text’); for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { inputs[i].click(); }
NOTE : Guys, Don’t follow more than 500 people because they detect your activity so be easy and daily use this script and you can get more followers daily and just sit back and see the magic. you can get daily new followers and so on.

Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions to Access Blocked Sites

Here is a Compilation of Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions to Access Blocked Sites. Everyone Use Computers and Mobiles These days in School, Colleges and in their Offices. But they use Security Server to Block Some Specific Sites that Students and Employee can’t able to use those sites. They use Filters for Social Media Sites or may be there is a bunch of blocked site list. It is very easy to access those Blocked Sites in just a Minute. All of you use Google Chrome and In Chrome Web Store there are many of VPN Extension Available for Chrome. But We Sort that VPN list that help you to Choose best VPN for your System Capabilities.Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions to Access Blocked Sites

Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions List :

Below are the Compilation of Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions to Access Blocked Sites. It may helpful to many people who use proxies and implement Manual Proxy Server on their Computer. So These VPN Extension can help you to easily create proxies within just one Click in Chrome Browsers. Below are the Sorted list of VPN Plugins that we arrange according to User Rating.

#1 Zenmate Security, Privacy & Unblock VPN – [Get Here]

Zenmate is ranked as many popular websites according to Their Users Review. So thats why We Ranked the Top Best Chrome Extension for VPN. Unblock the web. Hide your IP. Enable protection. Easy security and privacy online while accessing the content you love.Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions

#2 Hola – Free Unlimited VPN – [Get Here]

Hola is also a Top Rated Chrome VPN Extension in among of all VPN Services. It include multiple options related to Proxy Servers. So you can switch your Location to Hide your Identity on Internet. They include many of Popular Countries that people want ti Switch their Proxy.Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions

#3 Dot VPN – More Than VPN – [Get Here]

A Powerful VPN Services for Chrome Browser. In Dot VPN you have options to switch your country location. In this Firstly you need to Sign Up and then verify your account and its Started. You Dot VPN Account in anywhere on any Device. It is very Handy Plugin for Chrome to use Proxy Servers.Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions

#4 Gom VPN – Bypass and Unblock – [Get Here]

Gom VPN is very Known name among of School and Colleges to Unblock Social Sites and other Sites. It is handy and Easy to use that every Layman can Easily. You can Say in One Click you Just Switch your Location to United States, United Kingdom and Canada Like Country with Fast Proxy Servers.gom-vpn-min

#5 Browsec – [Get Here]

This is a very Light weight VPN Extension that is useful for users who have low Hardware Requirements. It is also a Handy chrome Extension that easily Enable users to Switch Country Location You can also Turn Off the Proxy Server.browsec-min

#6 BreakWall VPN – [Get Here]

BreakWell is a Fastest Chrome Extension but It is not Free instead of Trial Version. It is a Premium usage you need to pay a little fee to use for that VPN.breakwall-min

#7 CyberGhost VPN – Proxy for Chrome – [Get Here]

An Another Hist List VPN know as CyberGhsot VPN. It also Enable may users to use Blocked Sites or even Access to all types of Illegal Sites like Darknet.cyberghost-min

#8 HotSpot Shield Free VPN Proxy – [Get Here]

HotSpot is Known name among to make Proxy Servers. This Plugin Let you access any site that you want even Blocked by Your Internet service Provider. HotSpot Shield is also Include in very Popular Cyber Attacks of US Bank.hotspot shield-min

#9 Tunnel Bear VPN – [Get Here]

TunnelBear VPN is for those people who use Public Wi-Fi or Connected to Open Wi-Fi Connection So they need to use TunnelBear and Experinece Like Premium VPN Service.tunnelbear-min

#10 Unlimited Free VPN – betternet – [Get Here]

It is very Common name that easily explained by its name. Unblock any Site in any Country. Surf Anonymously On the Internet and Enjoy Free VPN Services.unlimited vpn-min

From Editor’s Desk – 

Above are the Top 10 Best VPN Chrome Extensions to Access Blocked Sites. You can Access any Site in any Country in any Location. Just Add These VPN Extension in your Chrome Browser and Switch your Location. These are helpful for Students, Employee and even other People around the Globe. It make easier to make access to all over internet.

On the Internet There are many Ways to Get Faster Internet Speed in Microsoft Windows. But Here am show you How DNS Hack can Increase your internet Speed. Sometimes people who experience slow Internet Browsing and Sometimes Lost Their Internet Connections too. It is Happens because of Bad DNS So in this Tricks We can Switch your Default DNS to Google Public DNS that an improve your Internet Speed.

Steps to Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed :

  1. Go to Control Panel >> Network and Internet Option >> Network Sharing Center.
  2. Now Click on Internet Connection by Which you using Internet and this Will Open your Internet Status.001-min
  3. Now go to Properties and Scroll Down and Double Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4).002-min
  4. Now Property Box will Open and you see Their is Option of DNS Servers Just Choose “Use the Following DNS Adderss” and Enter these Addresses                                                                                                                   >> Preferred DNS server:
    >> Alternate DNS server:
  5. Now Time to Configure Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) again Repeat Previous Steps to Open DNS Properties and Enter These Addresses in DNS Fields.                                                                                          >> Preferred DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
    >> Alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2004-min
  6. Click Ok and Save all DNS Settings and Time to Access the Faster Internet.

From Editor’s Desk :

Guys Above in “Hack DNS For Faster Internet Speed” You can see these are very Easy way to Get Faster Internet Speed by DNS Hacking. It can Alos Fix some of Error Related to Web Browsers Like “DNS Probe Finished No Internet” and “This Webpages is not Available”. So Guys I Recommended to Use These Google DNS to Access High Speed Internet.
How to Remove All Web History from Google ?
How to Remove All Web History from Google ?
We Already know that Google is the Top Ranked site Over the Internet at That Time with High Rated Services Like Youtube, Adsense and Adwords etc. Google also have a Feature to Record your Web History Like What Keyword you search on Google. If Your Google Web History is On. It means your Search Keyword is tracked by google and Save into Your Google Web History. You can also Download your Entire Google Web History and also Delete Entire History at One Click. If You want to Off This Feature or Remove all of Your Web History from Google web History You can Move to Below Steps.

Steps to Remove all Google Web History :

  1. Login to Your Google Account and Go to Google History Page Here.
  2. On Left Side, You can see the Tab about Web & App Activity, YouTube History, Locations, Device Information and Voice Search. They Track all of your Device Info, Location and also Track History from YouTube. You can Manually Remove it.
  3. Let’s Remove all Google Web History, Go to Open Menu >> Delete Option. ( Example in Below Picture )google web history
  4. There are Three Options on Pop Up Box. Choose Advanced >> All Time and Click Remove. It Show you a Confirmation that Deleted Data Can’t Be Recovered If Removed.google
  5. Again Click on Delete. This will Remove all of Your Google Web History.
NOTE : By Above Tutorial You can only Able to Remove “Web & App History”. If you want to remove YouTube History So, You can Remove YouTube Watch and Search History by Select the Left Tab and Follow the Same Steps we Showed Above and This will remove your all of your YouTube History.

From Editor’s Desk :

Guys, Above is the Updated Tutorial in 2015 to Remove All Web History from Google. We Cover mostly all steps to remove History from Google along with Google Products like YouTube, Google Voice Search and Web & App History. We Reduce this Tutorial in small Steps that Save your Time and you can do to remove your all Web History in Probably One Minute.

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts
We all Use YouTube because of Entertainment, Learn from Online Tutorials, How to Guides, Games Videos, Movies Trailers, Funny Videos and Watch Many more Videos on YouTube. It is ranked as the 3rd Website Mostly used on Internet and Have Four Billions Hits a Day. These Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts help you While Watching Videos on YouTube. You can Effectively use your Keyboard to Operate YouTube Videos with Basic Function Like Play/Pause, Forward to Specific Point and do Lot of things with your Keyboard without Touching your Mouse.

Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Space Bar – Play/Pause
  2. Up and Down Arrow – Increase or Decrease Volume [Put the Cursor on Volume Control]
  3. Press any Number Between 0 to 9. It will Directly play Video from that point. Like if Press 1 Start from 10% of the Video.
  4. Press F11 to Enter Full Screen & Exit by Pressing ESC Button.
  5. Forward or Go Previous 5 Second of your Video By Pressing Left / Right Arrow.
  6. Also Use TAB to Move on YouTube Option on Video Player Like Watch Later, Small Player, Large Player and Change Video Quality.

From Editor’s Desk

Guys, While Watching Video on YouTube we don’t want to Break Concentration from Video. So, These Useful YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts Help us to Operate YouTube Videos with your Keyboard. These all Shortcuts are Tested by the Author. If You see any Problem withing the Post You can Leave Comment Below.