Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Top 10 Best Action Games For Android l 2016


Best Action Games for Android 2016 As We know that Everyone have a personal Android phone even they are rich or poor does not matter. so why we bought Android Phone For Calling, Text Messaging ! not at all. we bought it because we use so many things on it like :- we can easily go anywhere for the help of Google map, Using all social media accounts for downloading apps, online banking and so more. You have millions of free app on Google play store or any other store. As you already read the title that we are talking about Action Games Today. If you have android phone then surly you also have minimum 2 3 games on you android devices and action game is one of them.
Mostly People likes Action Game because everyone like action that why we have picked this topic for you. Thousands of gamer around the world would be very happy to get Games app or other app for free. 70% of peoples are like these best action games for android because it improve  your skills, Push for physical challenges with including hand or eye coordination.  Action Games always encourage you for new challenges when you are playing action games that time you properly concentrate on the level and you sharp your mind to find the way for completing the level. Action Game is very benefits for us because it increases our mentality Power, Understanding skill and so more. Here we give review some Action Game for you guys you can easy download on you android phone at free of cost.

Modern Sniper | Modren Sniper best action games for android

Modern Sniper is a very good  and best action games for android specially for those gamer who love shooting Games. Modern Sniper has Great ultra Realistic 3D Graphics which make interest to play this game at least once.  it has 50 shooter mission with 6 awesome maps and 7 different types of weapons which means its not a shot game its very interesting and long game. Its a single player game you just target the enemy and shot them.

Deer Hunter 2016

best action games for android  If you Love hunting then we have a best game for you that is deer hunting 2016. This game have awesome graphics and visual effect. There you shot deer, bears and some others animal like professional its look so real. Deer Hunter 2016 is free for everyone on Play store but if you want extra items you need to pay money for the each items. The new Version of Deer Hunter 2016 edition come with new levels and great missions. In this game you have your sniper and you kill the deer before it escapes.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

modren combat 5
Blackout is similar to their previous games in the series. Player can Shoot,reload their weapon,knife enemies, change and pick up weapon. You Can create a squad team,add your friends and test team skills against other squads in dynamic multiplier. Some peoples are still prefer its previews version that is Modern Combat 4 But my point of view is they both are great.

Defense Zone 2 HD Lite

Defense zone 2
Defense Zone 2 Hd Lite have stunning and impressive new levels with adding new weapons and even more action. This Game supports four languages: English, Russian, French and German. Its has 3 mode Easy, Medium, Difficult if you want to play just having a fun, choice easy or medium mode and if you want to check your strength in strategy so can select Difficult level. You can increasing weapon power that gives you the advantage and we sure never get bored. But Defense Zone 2 HD lite version has only 3 levels if you wanna play more level so you can buy it from Google play store to the cost of 3.5 USD dollars.

Into the dead

Into the Dead
Into the dead is a 3D infinite runner action game its very interesting to play these best action games for android. In this game you face the Zombies apocalypse and you must run to survive. The Game Graphics is cool, use silhouette and darkness which helps to atmosphere dark and foreboding. If you getting bore so its a excellent game to do something interesting. It has great Visual & Sound quality a grim Zombie apocalypse which encourage you to play. You can Challenge you friends to beat your high scores that is also a good feature on it.


this is also one of the popular best action games for android. Unkilled game is awesome for those who love shooting. In this game you have great weapons and you should be shoot the zombies. I also Played this game its the best looking zombie shooter for android device which i ever seen. So many New things on this game like You have option to set player nickname, You can attack other player with your zombies army, You have 4 new weapon – Lunger p 08, Kyu gunto, Simonov Sks, Thompson M1928.

Shadow Fight 2

shadow fight 2 best action games for android 2016
Shadow fight 2 is fighting game with great graphic and sound quality. This game gives fit up your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets. 40 million user around the world play this game. You can kick, punch, jump and swat attack on your enemies for victory. It game has great interface designed specially of android devices. best action games for android.

Mortal Kombat X

mortal kombat x best action games for android 2016
Mortal Kombat X is a fighting Game For Android Device. It was released on April 14,2015 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. After This Nether Realm Studios Mobile Team developed a version for ISO and Android Devices. Mortal Kombat X is a ground breaking fighting and card collection Game. This game have great graphics and sound effect when you paly this game you look that its a real because it gives you real feel. There you Create your own team and lead them for earn experience and new special attacks. You can challenge other player teams on online connecting with server. Its a high quality visuals so your device have to be 1 GB ram unless performance is not optimized on you devices and 1.5 GB minimum space is required on your android devices.

Injustice : Gods Among us

Injustice - Gods Among us best action games for android 2016
Injustice Gods among Us is a fighting Game based upon the fictional universe of DC Comics. You can choose your player and fight with different fighter player with different fighting style and special attacks. you engaging in one on one combat to deplete their opponent life gauge. This Game has Beautiful Graphics, lots of charter choice for fight, most of character look like a hero. You also create a collection of gambling where you in a team of super heroes and fight 3-3 against villains. You can also watch your previous fight to build your skills and lead your team to victory.

Call of Duty: Heroes

call of duty best action games for android
Call of Duty game for army officers, elite soldiers and devastating drones straight from the call of duty franchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Here you train and specialize your own army and using untill directly from call of duty. Build Your team against alliances and attack on them. You have Different weapons so use it bcoz you are the Guardians of your team.