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Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016

Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016 People who interested in Hacking computers & networks must read this post because in this will offer you a list of best hollywood movies on hacking. In these movie you can see how they hack computers and accomplish their goal either it will be good or bad. For technical people these movies are really a good ones and they need to watch it. By Watching these movies you can also aware about hacking attacks and computer security. These movies provides you a thriller and entertaining experience based upon hacking. Most of hacking movies use social engineering to hack an individual and an organisations.

Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016 :

These movies not gonna actually show you how to hack Its just motivate you for hacking. You need to use you power to learn hacking and about computer security. now these days google has giant collection of websites that they offers you hacking tools, tutorials and hacking E-Books also.

Hackers (1995) | best hollywood movies on hacking :

The name of the Movies show it self that its based upon hacking. Basically this movie is based on cyber war between two one boy (Zero Cool) and other role played by popular actress angelina jolie (Acid Burn). In the small age zero cool is trying to shut down many of computers from his skills and he need to went to jail because of acid burn. She is competitor of zero cool. Guys if you like hacking you need to definitely watch
Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

This Movie is definitely deserve to be listed in best hollywood movies on hacking 2016. In this movie the main lead is Bruce Willis who save one of powerful hacker who know all about hacking and also know that someone is trying to perform fire sale attack on the government. In the end John ends up working with Thomas, an ethical hacker who helps him deal with the cyber criminals. In this movie they show the best example of Fire sale attack that only can be possible in fully digital country.Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016

Swordfish (2001)

In this one a young man who is very experienced in their skills and the villain named Gabriel is convinced him to break security systems and make money to make her daughter back. They can accessed most of the government fund and credentials. In this movie there is one of the famous actress(Halle Berry) role a play to convince the hacker stanley. Basically it is an american action crime thriller film directed by Dominic Sena.swordfish Top 10 Best Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016

 The Matrix (1999)

Matrix is a Science fiction movie on hacking directed by The Wachowski Brothers. In this movie they are against the computer system called matrix that rule the world. the main lead is an computer programmer. It is top rated movie in sci-fi and thriller category and have 8.7/10 rating on IMDB that is pretty good. People who like fiction movies they must need to watch matrix. It has almost three part.matrix Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016

The Net (1995 film)

In this movie there is a girl named Angela Bennett who is computer programmer and know all the secrets of governments that they not want to. After that she finds herself on the run from the unknown enemy named heel-bent. It is very interesting movie and main lead of this movie is Sandra Bullock. She put herself in the danger and the nearby people. This movie lies in the category of action, crime and drama.the-net matrix Hollywood Movies on Hacking 2016

Blackhat (2015)

In previous Blackhat movie is released that name of the movie explain that Black Hat is a type of hacker that can hack computer system and networks illegally and do hack for financial gain or fame. In this movie Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago are hacked by unknown people and Viola Davis proposes that the FBI work with China to find the cyber-criminals. This movie can earn 19.7 million and have 5.4/10 rating on IMDB. These movies are not much rated because many of people are not interested in computer hacking and security.Blackhat-2015

Sneakers (1992)

In this movie there is a group of hackers who are expert to testing the computer systems and soon they are involved in NSA and Mafia. People who want to make their own hacking group and teams and work on security testing must watch this movie. basically these all the movies are for geeks and they must like it and some of them are already seen it.sneakers

From Editor’s Desk :

the above post (best hollywood movies on hacking) is dedicated to all the computer geeks around the globe who are interested in computers, security and computer networks. These movies can not only entertains you but also give you a knowledge about hacking and computer systems and show that how in foreign countries hacking is done. If you already seen that its good if you not So, you need to definitely watch these movies. If you have another suggestion about movies on hacking you can comment it below.