Monday, 8 August 2016

Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 2016 | Best Torrenting Sites

Best Torrent Sites 2016 – Torrent is a New Type of Distributed Technology to Download Files from Internet through Small File called Torrent that Contain Meta Information. There are Millions of People who use Torrent to Download Movies, Games, Musics, TV Series and many more Pirated Stuffs. To Download any Data from Torrent you also need to Install Torrent Client that help you to Downloading the file. One of the Amazing Feature that I Like is Resume Capability. Sometimes we Download Very Large Files from Torrent like High Graphic Games, TV Series So because of Slow Internet We need to Resume downloading that we again start it Next Day. Whenever People need to find some Premium Content and they want it to Free of Cost they go to Torrent Sites and Download Paid Files for Free. You can get any type of Paid Software for Windows and MAC Operating System without paying any Penny.Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 2016

Top Best Torrent Sites List 2016 :

These are the Top 10 Best Torrent Sites List 2016 and you can get your Desired Torrent File from these Best Torrent Sites. List of these Torrent Sites are Arranged in a Way that We can Pout the best Site at the Top of the List. Whenever you not able to find your Desired Torrent just move to another Torrent Site. Check out the List of Best Torrent Sites below.

1. The Pirate Bay

This is one of the Known name in the Game of Torrenting Sites Pirate Bay. It is Like Torrent Search Engine Founded on 2003 Where People download Music. Videos, Paid Software for Free. Pirate Bay use Peer to Peer File Sharing Model to Download Files from Torrents. Time Later in 2009 Site is Banned for assisting in copyright infringement in Sweden. But Site is Still Running Founders of Pirate Bay is also Go to jail and they Said that Site is not Down anyway because they Reveal their Secret about Changing Domains with 13 RAID Technology. They have Backups of their Data in Different Physical Location.

2. KickAss Torrent

Sometimes It is also known as KAT and It is Founded on 2009 and Become the Popular Torrent Sites to download Software, Music, Movies and Music Video. Whenever you can’t Find your Desired file on The Pirate Bay So Just Check it on Kickass Torrent. It can also Under the Top 100 Sites on Alexa. According to Alexa Information KAT is the one of the Top Visited Torrent Directory Over Internet.

3. Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is also the Best Torrent Site that is Currently in the Game. There are Millions of Visitors Who Scrolled Extra Torrents Per day. It has very Nice User Interface and They sort all Torrents in Five Six Categories so People can Easily find their Desired file from Extra Torrent’s Site. They can also show the Fresh Rate of the Torrent File.

4. Isohunt

Isohunt is Torrent Site that have many Views from United States, UK and Canada Like Countries and also a Liked Place for Torrent Users. It is also seen When you Find some Alternative links to download Torrent.


It is one of the most used Torrent Search Engine to find Hollywood Movies, Bollywood, Marathi Movies, Video Games, Music Albums etc. There are Approx. 43 Million Active Torrent File on that Search Engine. They Link to 25 Domain that Offers Torrent Files to download .

6. Bitsnoop is a torrent search engine founded in 2008 by Kinda. Bitsnoop has more intelligent search and cross-referencing algorithms that able to track urls clustered trackers and DNS aliases. 10 million world wide and 441,573 unique US users use this safe torrent site.


YIFY is the Best Site to Download Hollywood Movies in HD. You can Probably Found any type of Movie on YIFY with Fresh Torrent File. It is also in the List of Best Torrent Sites 2016 because I Personally use this Site. According to mine It Deserved to be in the List because They Offer only working Torrent Files to Download Hollywood Movies.

8. Torrentbox

TorrentBox is a rather new but very powerful torrent site that provides a simple download of verified torrents. The site offers easy navigation through various categories, about 3 million torrents indexed.

9. 1337X

1337X is another best and most popular torrent site. It indexed in large database from many torrent sites like torrentz, torrentdb etc.

10. TorrentHound

It is the also Linked in many Torrents Search Engines to Download Paid Software, Movies Music etc. Torrent Hound Show the Recent Searches in the Site and also show the Most Downloaded Torrent from TorrentHound.

From Editor’s Desk :

Above the the Sorted List of Top 10 Best Torrent Sites 2016 and you can also Say Best Torrenting Sites 2016. You can download any Torrent from these Sites like Movies, Software, Music, MAC Software, Operating System etc. If You are Planning to Download Large Files So Guys you Need to use to Download Torrent File.