Friday, 9 September 2016

Top 10 ES File Explorer Tricks and Features in Android Phone

ES File Explorer is one of the best android file explorers for Android Phone. ES File Explorer is most downloaded file explorer app on Google Play Store. ES is not just File manager its much more. Here I tell you some best tricks with ES File Explorer in Android  Phone. This is normal but effective tricks because many android users don’t know about these tricks. You can do lots of thing with these File Manager.
Here we go below you find Top 10 Best Tricks with ES File Explorer on Android Phone.
tricks with es file explorer
1. Transfer Android Files to PC wirelessly from FTP
ES File manager has brilliant features with this features you can make FTP server on your Android Phone. You can access all SDCARD files from your PC in File Explorer or Web Browser. With FTP server, you can copy and paste your files wirelessly. 
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In File Explorer:
es file manager wireless file transfer in file explorer
 IN Web Browser:
es file manager wireless file transfer in web browser
2. Access Computer Drives and Files from Android with Networking
This feature is working like LAN. With this feature, you can access your all computer files from Android Wirelessly. For Accessing your Computer Files you need to do some LAN and File Share Settings.
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Access Computer Drives and Files from Android with Networking
3.  Access Major Cloud Services and Data from ES File
ES File Manager also access your all cloud platform from android without installing any other android apps. With ES, you can access your Google Drive,Dropbox ,Box and Skydrive Data in android mobile.
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cloud service in es file
4. ES Application and Task Manager
This is another android app by ES File Manager. This is system manager app. With this app you can control all system apps and many more things. In this App, you found Cache Cleaner,Task Killer, Startup Manager and etc.
Click on System Manager and download this app from Google Play.
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es file task manager
5. Bluetooth File Browser
If you connect with another android phone that supports Bluetooth file browsing system. So this option is more useful you. With this feature, you can remotely access other android phone file manager.
6. Root Explorer – Access System Files
If you want to edit system root files. With this option ES File gives you root ability so you can edit and delete and system files. This is the very important option

root file explorer in ES File Manager
7. Compress and Extract Files
ES File Manager also works as compressor and extract software. With this feature, you can easily extract .zip and .rar files. Or you can easily compress all image files into one compress file.
Compress and Extract Files
8. Download Manager for Android
If you want download manager for android Mobile , ES is the best option. ES File Manager also works as a download manager. You need to put download link and ES download your all type of files.
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download manager in es file explorer
 9. ES File Manager as Web Browser
If you android phone browser was not working Try ES File. ES File works as your temporary web browser. With ES File, you can easily open Google,Facebook and News Websites.
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es as web browser
10. Connect FTP Server
This feature is awesome , with this feature you can connect with any FTP network. You can easily access your website with this Feature. If you running Linux Machine, so you just need to run commands and access your all directories from Phone.
FTP server in android
So above you see Top 10 ES File Explorer Tricks. Follow these tricks and if you got any problem contact me.
Es File Manager its not just a Manager its much more.

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