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Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware On Windows 10 | 2016

Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware 2016 – If technology is not making your life simpler, you are not using it correctly. But for some people, simple is not enough. So, here we are sharing one of the secret and hidden technique that Microsoft  has provided via command prompt to the windows. Although, these actions can also be done using a better Anti-virus program. But sometimes, Anti-virus cannot catch the worms and  Trojans, those are not harming your computer. But they are secretly sharing your personal data with a network server like your browser shares public data, cookies, cache etc.

But the anti-virus cannot differentiate between the browser process and the malware’s process. Hence, that is the time for manual inspection of the things. Because at the end, humans are better than machine in detecting issues. So, lets talk about Find and Kill All Remote Connecting malware, worms, via any windows platform. The method may work, in almost all windows platforms. But it is tested only above windows XP, as these days it is very difficult to find someone with window 98, or DOS OS.

Command Prompt as a tool to Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware :

Command Prompt is a CUI based, Windows utility which enables us with various powerful options, which we might be not able to use directly via windows GUI. Command prompt allows us to execute various commands on the windows system, and here we are going to use this amazing feature of Command prompt (also known as CMD). And only by using one command, we can merely detect the unwanted programs, such as Trojans, worms, Malware etc. in our computer system.
So, lets have a look to the method of Detecting and Removing all of these shits from our PCs. Here i’m gonna demonstrate it in Windows 10, you can do the same in any Windows platform

Steps to Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware on Windows 10 :

  1. Open CMD as Administrator. For this step, just Press windows key then type CMD. And right click on the Result found and select open as administrator. A black window will pop-up on your desktop screen.Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware
  2. Now, Type ‘Netstat -b -o 3‘ in the CMD window and press Enter from your keyboard. You’ll see that it starts printing multiple lines on the console window. The command keeps on printing list of all applications which are using remote connection. (including your browser).
  3. When you see a suspicious program, with ESTABLISHED connection state. Then Press ‘CTRL+C‘ from the keyboard to stop this command’s execution.
  4. Now, Suppose we have detected unwanted program is ‘uTorrent‘, which I’ve closed. But it is still connected via remote connection and secretly seeding previous files. Note the PID of the relative process (number enclosed in BOX in image).Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware
  5. Now Type ‘Taskkill /PID 4660 ” and Press ENTER to kill this process. Here, instead of 4660, you need to write the PID number of the process that you want to close.Killing Suspecious Process-min
  6. To be sure, that it will not start again in near future, and you don’t need to do these steps again and again. Just Press ‘WIndows key + R‘. And Type in ‘msconfig‘ then press ENTER.Opening msconfig-min
  7. Another window will pop-up, Now click on ‘startup‘ Tab, and delete the entry of the Suspicious Program. In Windows 10, it redirects you to the TASK MANAGER, so disable the item from there from being starting in the windows startup.Select Startup tab-min
  8. Now, you can close all the windows and restart your PC, for making it better effective on the system. If you still has doubt that the process is running in background, Try once more executing the NetStat command for your confirmation.


Human brain is much more complex and better than non-intelligent Anti-virus programs. Try using it for your personal safety. And while applying this method, you’ll learn more deep things to control a computer and using it for fulfilling your tasks easily. Instead of just depending on a foolish anti-virus program, which maybe responsible for the data leakage from your personal computer into someone else’s benefit. Be an active and smart user, if you wanted to be secure and safe during this time of technology. You can be an active user by simply Subscribing to our blog for latest changes in the technology. We hope you’ll like it. Please comment and subscribe for more. If You any problem with “Find and Kill All Remote Connecting Malware” you can comment it below.

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