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Android Tips & Tricks 2016 [All Android Hacks]

Android Tips & Tricks 2016 Android is now the King of Smartphone’s Operating System’s and Have Billions of Users World Wide. Now that Time Time is Money so People are Busy to Save Time and use smart Work as Compared to Hard Work. People use  Android Smartphones to Save Time, Work Smarter and Take control of Internet in Just a Device that easily Fit into your Pocket. Here Guys We Have Latest Android Tips & Tricks 2016 that Help People to Effectively use Their Android Smartphones and Reduces Efforts of your Daily Life. You can use These Android Tips & Tricks 2016 as a Life Hacks that Help them to get Smarter with Just Computer Like Device.
In the World of Technology You need to Get Smarter with Technology. You need to Know that What Things you can Do with your Android Smartphones. You can use to Browse Internet, Taking Pictures, Connect with Friends and People Around the Globe, Earn Money etc many more Options and Apps in Play Store that Help you in your Daily Life.

Best Android Tips & Tricks 2016 [Android Hacks]

Check Out the List of Latest Android Tips & Tricks 2016 and See What Trick you really Like Just Click on that Title and Open that Webpage and Increase your Knowledge and Make your Life Easier by Using These Android Hacks. In the Era of Android you need to know about Android and Its Features too
Android Tips & Tricks 2016

15+ Best Android Hacking Apps 2016

Here is a Collection of Best Android Hacking Apps Over Internet that you can use To Hack Wi-Fi, Networks, App Hacking, Testing and Penetrating on your Smartphone. Just Install it and start use to Perform Hacking into your Android Hacking Toolkit. Some of These Apps need to be Rooted Android Phone But Don’t Worry You have Better Alternatives.

How to Hide WhatsApp Online Status, 

Last Seen & Profile Picture ?

Guys, On WhatsApp now You can Hide your Self from other People Because WhatsApp Recently Added some Cool Features in it. You can Hide Last Seen, Online Status and Profile Picture from other Users. If You are Whatsapp User and Use this Cross Messaging App. You need to Know about WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

How to Extract APK File From Android ? (No Root)

Sometimes We need to Share our Installed App on our Smartphone with Friends so We can use Xender Like Platform But here now You have App to Extract APK File from any Pre-installed App. You can also make Backup of all of your installed Apps on your Phone that May you need in Future.

How to Run Multiple WhatsApp Account on Android Phone ?

Guys, You may Heared about Dual WhatsApp that’s True Now you can use Two WhatsApp in your Single Android Phone. Just Installing by the Small App Just Like Normal WhatsApp named “GB WhatsApp”. Just Expand the Post and Check out the Steps of Installation and Usage.

How to Unlist and Remove number from Truecaller ?

Truecaller is one of the Top user App for Searching Phones numbers But It can access your Contacts and make Names for that Phones Numbers But Now If you not want to Dhow your Number on Truecaller you can Easily Remove it. Just Follow this Step by Step Tutorial.

How to Download Instagram Photos & Videos 2016 ?

Instagram is Photo and Video uploading App that is mostly used by Celebs, Youngsters. But Sometimes we like some Pictures so we want to Download it from Instagram but there is no Option to download photo and Videos from Instatgram.

How to Play Music with Lyrics on Android with MusixMatch App ?

If You are Music Lover and Sing along with Songs So Guys this App is Definitely for You called “Musix Match” that Enable End Users to show Lyrics of Currently Playing Song on your Android Smartphone.

How To Run WhatsApp and Any App On College Wi-Fi ?

Some Colleges, School and Offices use Proxy Servers to Block Social Media Apps Like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Hike and Twitter So Guys Here we have Perfect Solution to use these Social Media Apps on your Android Smartphones anywhere. Even you can use These Social Media Apps on your College’s Blocked Wi-Fi Network.

Top 5 Best Battery Saver Apps for Android (2016)

Guys Now Saving Battery is the Common concern of Every Youngsters So Use Some Cool App that used to save your Battery Life of your Smartphones. These Apps generally use some Mechanism Like Stop unused Services, Background Services that we don not need etc.

How To Remove Stock Apps on Android Without Rooting ?

If You need to Save your Internal Storage to Install more Apps as Possible Guys You need to Remove unused Stock Apps installed by Google Inc. So Guys Let’s Start Today and Save your Most of Internal Storage Space. It may helpful for installing more useful Apps on that Available Space.

How to Set Random Caller Ringtones in Your Android Phone ?

Guys, In Your Smartphones you can set Random Ringtones and Set Song Randomly for some Specific Person. Make a Playlist of that Songs that Randomly Play When your Phone is Ringing.

How to Download APK Files from Google Play Store ?

Sometimes We Need to download apk File from Google Play Store So Play Store only enable us to Directly Installed that App on our Phone instead of apk so Guys Here is a Way to Download APK File from Google Play Store. You can alos use alternative method like Extract Pre-Installed App from your Smartphone after Installation.

How to Download Google Maps Offline in Android ?

Now you can Browse Google Map Offline. Just Save the Location and Area in Your Google Maps and Use it When you have no Internet Connection. You can use this as your Location Finder Where there is no Internet Connection.

How to Control your PC with your Android Phone ?

Guys Now you have Smartphone you have Everything. You can Access your Computer Via your Android Phone Same Interface of Windows in your Android Screen. You can Do anything in your smartphone and same thing are done with your Computer in Real time.

How To Control Android Device From Your PC and Laptop ?

As Opposite you can also Control your Android Devices with Your Computer Machines. You can use AirDroid App and Control your Android Device Like Read Contacts, Emails, Call etc.

More Android Tips & Tricks 2016 is Here

Guys Above is the Compilation of android Tips and Tricks that we have available on our Site and In Here you can Check out the Latest Trending Android Tips & Tricks 2016.

From Editor’s Desk :

By Using These Android Tips and Tricks You can Easily Operate your Lifestyle with Smartphones because It is one of the Revolution in our Generation and we need to Use it Effectively. These Tricks are also act as a Life Hacks that enable users to easily do their Work. If You face any Problem related to this Article you can Comment it Below.

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