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Best Music Player Apps for Android 2016  –  Music is an amazing thing that fascinates us in many ways, we all love to listen to music, doesn’t matter it is either Modern or classic. Music is best way to express feelings, Some scientific studies also proved that music helps us in making our decision making ability better and it makes our mood better. As this is the era of technology, and almost every person on this planet is having a smartphone in his pocket (not really). And when anyone talks about smart phones, only 1 thing comes to mind, which is ANDROID.Best Music Player Apps for Android

Top 10 Best Music Player Apps for Android | 2016

The best thing to manage all your songs and music files in your smartphone is by using an extra beneficial music player, which will help you in maintaining all your personal music files. So, in this article, we gonna talk about the Top 10 Best Music Players for Android. Lets start from the one which is on number 10…

10. Pixel music player

The Pixel music player is very cool and one of the good music player, which brings the unique experience with the new layout of the music. This music player provides awesome skins changing options which makes it more attractive and the floating buttons makes it more user friendly and easy to interact with the application. As it is a music player, it supports almost all of the famous music players mp3, ogg, wav etc.

9. MusixMatch

Like all other music players, Musixmatch is a good and user friendly music player. The main feature of this music player is that it also supports the lyrics with the music files. It displays music lyrics along with the playing of music. The floating pop up box displays the music lyrics along with the music and user can easily drag the pop up window anywhere on the screen. MusixMatch also supports most of the music formats ogg,mp3,m4a etc.

8. Rocket Music Player

The Rocket Music player one of the professional players out there in the market. It has Unique and a little but complex interface, which attracts most of the Techno geeks while it diverges the common user. So, Keeping its dignity in mind, google play store removes its download ability directly from play store. Means, Now you can’t download Rocket Music Player from play store, but if you search for it, play store will redirect you to official site of Rocket Music Player. It has great UI, thats why it is Number 8 on our TOP 10 Music Player list.

7. Poweramp

Poweramp is the one of the most popular and people recommended android application, which is out there in the android play store. It contains a lot of features along with the music player application. It has got 4.7 rating on google play store, thats why it is the most popular and recommended music player among the bloggers and users. It can easily be customized by external themes.

6. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro music player is simple and sleek music player application, which makes is separate from all of the complex and fancy music players that are available on the google play store. The main feature of this music player which makes it different form all other music players out there in the market, is that it has the unique shake feature, which allows you to anytime play / pause / resume the music on your playlist. Trial versions are also available, so you can try it before you can actually buy it.

5. Neutron Music Player

The UI is easy to move around. You’ll have no trouble figuring out how to work this one. The player supports almost all of the possible audio formats. It is among the top 5 Highest rated music player apps with rating 4.8 / 5.0 . The interface of the player is bit simple, but the features are very much. The has got no trial versions, so you have to buy it directly via play store.

4. n7player

n7player has got most unique and different layout for placing the playlists, and searching for any music file in the device. Like all music players, this player has got the ability to support almost all of the famous music files extensions and it uses very less resources while displaying the high graphics and effects while playing a music file. The player can be called as a Simple Beauty.

3. JetAudio Music Player

As we are getting closer to our goal of Top Most best Music player in the android world, The players we are coming across are becoming more and more powerful and effective. As this one here, JetAudio Music player is the player which has got a ton of plugins to make it more effective. Its simple user interface makes it more easy to understand and use. Its rating on the google play store tells all bout its public image and usage among other music players. It has got the unique Pebble compatibility.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is ‘The Official Music Player‘ of google and one of the Best Music Player Apps for Android. It is very flexible as such, it looks for online changes in any of new themes and designs of interface of the player. It provides you with the option of saving your online music files in your device, for any offline play. The player has got its own integrated music store, for getting new and Top music among the web. With this music player, You have got the ability to save upto 20,000 songs online without any extra subscription of services.

1. DoubleTwist Music Player

And finally, we’ve reached to the Top most music player of the year and the Best Music Player Apps for Android in 2016. This Player has got feature of updating interface of the player via using online themes or extensions. The Application, itself is free to use at google play store, but it has got some features which needs external plugins which may or may not required paid plugins. It has got Magic Radio, which is a subscription music radio survive, which is not at all a BAD thing. Along with all the extra feature, the app contains the build-in ‘alarm clock’ which can play your favorite song at the time of alarm. But, My recommendation from my own experience is that, “Never set your favorite song as your alarm Tone”, Never.

How To Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android ?

Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android In this Era of Smartphones, Android is the most Famous OS which has popularized over a very short time span. But new things come with new Problems. If you are using android smartphones, which are somewhat similar to using a Pocket sized computer. But unlike computers, you can’t do multitasking in it. The problem with this feature in androids is that, you have to root your phone for getting multitasking benefits.Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android-min
If you rooted, your phone via following some procedure then your own security and safety will be at sake of using multitasking. In other words, you are just trading one thing for the other. You are trading your security and safety for a new feature. but in this post, we are going to show you doing the same multitasking trick, without rooting your phone. For this purpose, we’ll simply use an external Application which will allow you to Play YouTube videos in Background on Android.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android without Rooting :

The method is very simple and easy and just requires simple android app, which will allow you to play your favorite YouTube videos in the background. So, follow up the steps below to proceed with the complete guide below.

Steps To Play YouTube Videos in Background In Android :

  1. Before anything, You need to install Floating Tube” Application in your android Device from your Play Store.
  2. Once installed, you need to open the app and it will load their recommended videos for you.
  3. Search for your Favorite / interest in the search Bar. The Suggested videos will come on the screen.
  4. Simply open the video, that you want to open in the Background.
  5. The Application starts loading the video, Once loaded, it starts video in the Background.
Thats it, you can now do whatever you want your videos will always run in the background, you can do any task without closing the playing video.
There you go. Here’s all about the Play YouTube videos in Background on Android. If you are in any doubt, or need any help in applying all these steps on your device. You can easily leave a comment below this post, we’ll respond to you within 24 hours, and Your problem will be solved definitely. Thanks.

Top 5 Best Recharge Apps for Android | 2016

Top 5 Best Recharge Apps for Android 2016 – Now These Days Low Balance is the Main Concern for Mobile Users Who Recharge Their Mobile Phones every Week because of High call Rates and for Net Packs. Cellular Companies Like Airtel, Idea and Tata DoCoMo are very Clever to take their Customer’s Money. Here is the List of Top 5 Free Recharge Talktime Apps for your Android Smartphones. These Apps will Keep your Balance Up Always Just by Downloading Some Apps from it. In Future we are share mcent unlimited trick that can get you more money.
Top 5 Free Recharge Apps for Android in 2015 - 2016
But With the Era of Android Now You have a Power to Recharge your Mobile Phones by Installing Some Apps on your Android Device only for a Specific Time. These all Apps Installed from some Third Party Apps that Pay you Money. Below I Discuss the Top 5 Free Recharge Apps for Android Free. These Apps always add Some new Apps for Downloading that Pay you almost Rs. 10-50 for Installing on your Android Device and use for 7-15 Days. You can Easily Top up Your Balance with these Apps.

Top 5 Free Recharge Apps for Android :

Guys, These are all the Trusted Apps that you can use for Free Recharge for your phone. I Personally use these Top 5 Free Recharge Apps in my Smartphone. In the Past Time I Use lot of earning Apps for my Mobile Recharge So thats Why am Only Share the Top 5 Highest Paid Android Apps for Mobile Recharge.

#1  mCent – Highest Paid Recharge App :

mCent Earn Talktime Apps
mCent is One of the Most Popular Name in Recharge Apps Because it offers a users Rs. 30-70 only for refer a Single user. If You Refer 15 Users You get Approx. Rs. 1000 Easily and Additionally you get Paid from Installing Apps on your Android Phone. There are almost 10 Millions Download in Google Play Store and 4.1 Rating.
You can Easily Earn Rs 50-100 with mCent Apps or Sometimes it show Offers to Pay Highest Amount to Refer a Friend.

#2 Earn Talktime App :

Earn Talktime is ranked as Second Position But Earn Talktime also a Good App to Get Recharge your Phone because It can Offers User almost Rs. 30-100 for Inviting your Friends. Other Functionalities are Similar Like mCent Like Download and Register Apps and Get Paid. Its Minimum Payout is Rs. 30 now that time. There are Some of Popular Apps Who Offer users to Install App for 30 Days and Gives Rs. 100 Like Amazon, Lybrate etc.

#3 Ladooo – Free Recharge  Apps :

Ladooo is also in a Hit List of all Top Earning Apps on the Internet. There are 5 Millions Download and Have 4.3 User Rating in Google Play Store. Still People use this App for Recharge their smartphones. Ladooo Earning App is developed by Airloyal. Some of Rules are same as Previous Apps Like Keep Apps for 15-30 Days to get Extra Money.
Ladooo Free Recharge Apps
You can Just Choose 2-3 Apps for recharge you Phone and Install Apps Via these Three Earning Apps. Because according to me if you want that your Phone Always have Good Balance So Use these Above Three Apps Because all are refer same apps. Sometimes if you install that App already you can’t Install and get Paid from it.

#4 Pocket Money – Free Mobile Recharge :

Pocket Money - Free Mobile Recharge
There are lot of Earning Talktime Apps in Google Play Store and Pocket Money is one of them. Pocket Money is also the Top Rated App and Have 5 Millions Download in Google Play Store. You can Made upto Rs. 100 with this One. The Concept of this App is same like Other Apps like Refer a Friends to get More and Fast Money. Complete Offers and Get Paid up Rs. 20 and If You Keep this App for a Specific Time you Get More money.

#5 TaskBucks – Free Paytm Cash & Recharge App :

TaskBucks - Free Paytm Cash & Recharge App
TaskBucks is another Apps to make Money from you Android Smartphone. TaskBuck have Daily Updates of new Offers and Once Again It working is much Similar Like Other Earning Apps Like Ladooo, Earn Talktime and mCent. Refer to you Friend and Earn Upto Rs. 25. Friend who download from your Reference also Get Rs 20 Extra on Paytm. TaskBucks Have Tie up with Paytm E-Commerce Site.

From Editor’s Desk :

After Write that Article I Just See my Smartphone and Guys I Have only Three Apps and Also i recommended you these First Three Apps. All The Mobile Recharge Apps have Same Functionalities and Offer is Different. So Guys Install These all Apps One by One and Earn Talktime and Always hav Balance in your Smartphone.

Top 10 Best Card Game for Android | 2016

Best Card Game for Android  2016 – Hi guys, Today we comes with new Game type that is Card Game. Card Game is very popular and anywhere you play it. It collection of 52 deck of cards that why its easy to handle. You can play anytime or anywhere because you have a card but you really think you also have people for anytime or anywhere to play with you, obviously not. But Now reading this article you will play card game for anytime or anywhere.
Everyone have Androids Phone and today, we suggest you top 10 card games, It cover all the card game which you play in your real life. You do not need any person to force for playing with you because Next Level tricks and your Phone always with you. Below are the best Cards Game for you which you easily download from Google Play Store and play it anytime. We also provide a link of all card game on their name. Choose any one according to your choice and play it. we also suggest some online multiplayer Card game that means you can play online as well with your friends or other online players.Best Card Game for Android 2016

Teen Patti – Best Card Game for Android

Teen Patti is very popular Best Card Game for Android everyone knows about this game. Teen Patti is a three card game. It is a best and largest multiplayer card game in the world. You play this game live all around the world and emulate your friends and other. Every New user will get 1,00,000 free Chips on download. Million of user playing everyday. You create your Private table as well and invite your friends on that can chat with user as well. you also use your chips to bet on live cricket matches. Beware of other fake teen Patti games ” Octro Teen Patti “is the original Game app.


Rummy is the most popular and Best Card Game for Android  game now comes to your android phones. It is very lite game in android device. It provide you multiplayer mode that means you also can play with your 3 4 friends or with online players. If you getting bore then you may play this game it is better option for converting boring time into fun with interesting Graphics. You also have lot of feature like you customizable you game Difficulty, choose stylishly designed with awesome playing cards, Select portrait and landscape mode as you want to play.

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire is also very popular card game, everyone played this game on window 7 but now it also come to your android phones. You can sharp your brain via this game. It also a first ranked card game application on Google play store. In this Android version you will face daily unique challenges if you win daily challenge you will win a crown for everyday. You also get trophies every month by winning more crowns. It is a such a fun and addictive game and million plus users play this game minimum hour.


Solitaire is also popular card game, it also available in windows but now it come to android device with more and interesting features. After Played this game you will defiantly go back to your old memories when you was played the same game on your window pc. Playing this game you will exercise your mind. You also have lot of more feature like you have unlimited hints for free, you also have auto solved game, Landscape or portrait mode, you also choose your card and style.

FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire is a best Card Game for android Users. It is modification of solitaire game which seek unique skills to play. In this Game you also have undo option for your wrong moves. In this game you have to arrange card in ascending orders. It also support landscape and portrait mode. Freecell solitaire is Great choice for making their day interesting. It also support SD card that means you easy move your game on your SD Card. If you love brain game then you will definitely love this game.

Call Break Multiplayer

Call Break Multiplayer is very classic and popular card game with online multiplayer mode which is easily available in Google Play Store. You can Play with only four players including you. You have standard 52 card deck and face 5 rounds. You must follow the same suit if you have not the same suit card then you play with any card of their choice.

Aces Spades

Aces Spades is a best card Game for android users, easily available in Google Play Store. You have Some interesting Feature on this game like you play online multiplayer mode, 11 best animated opponents, 5 plus difficulty levels, you also customizable bidding options. It is the finest card game.

Pyramid solitaire

Pyramid Solitaire is very interesting one player card game. In this Game you also have undo option for your wrong moves. You can sharp your brain via this game. It also support landscape and portrait mode. In this Game You have to make combination of 13 cards removing from the pyramid. Once you removed all card from pyramid that means you win.

250+ Solitaire collection

250 + Solitaire collection is a combo pack of card games as name says that it provides you 250 plus card games. You do not have to download lots of games to play different card games because in this game you will play all type of card games with different types of rule. Each and every card game has their own rules. You can easily play any card game according to your mode. its a best android card games. It also give you Unlimited Undo and redo option. Also support landscape and portrait view. It is compatible in smart phones and tablets.

25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook

25-in-1 Casino & Sportsbook is a collection of 25 card or casino games. You do not have to download lots of games to play different card games because in this game you will play all type of card games with different types of rule. Each and every card game has their own rules. You can easily play any card game according to your mode. its a best android card games.

Boom Beach Mod Apk 2016 | Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

Boom Beach MOD Apk 2016 Boom Beach is great mobile multiplayer online Game for IOS and Android platform, its developed by Super cell. Boom Beach was launched in 11 Nov 2013 in Canada only But after 4 month Boom Beach released worldwide on 26 mar 2014. Boom Beach Is interesting Strategic game on android device, It is easily available in Google Play Store. In This game you can play with millions of online players and assault maximum of enemy bases for Dacoity. In This game you face some black ground bosses and uncover their evil plans. You also join with other online player and help them to defeat the enemies. You need internet to run this game. You have to build their base, upgrade their defenses and other building and unlock some troops. Boom beach allow you to attack other players in online multiplayer mode on the same map. Boom Beach has been a top 10 Game in 22 countries when its launch. In this Game you have to Coast storm and destroy your enemies place. Via this game you totally feel like war you have to defend your enemies on the beach, and increase your rank and coin for creating new weapons. Go with your expeditionary force to awesome island invaded by the enemy. Fight with enemies for every part of beach and find out the unsolvable archipelago. The fight becomes a race to find antiquated power which hidden on the islands.
Boom Beach Mod Apk
Boom Beach Mod Apk
Basically you need to collect and store the resources for survive and the resources are Gold, Wood, Stone and so more. These Resources helps you to upgrade troops and buildings and you also purchase the resources via real currency. Face the enemies with brains and defeat the enemies. Download this Boom Beach Game in mod apk and great Diamonds and coins. Boom Beach allows you to enjoy the perks of being ahead of your competitors. Enjoy this game with awesome features and play with millions of other players. Boom Beach is free to download and play, Some items can be purchases for real money. Check out the awesome features of Boom Beach and Download quickly as much as you can because thousands of peoples are waiting to play with you.

Features of Boom Beach apk :

  1. Play multiplayer with thousands of people worldwide.
  2. Attack on enemies with your force and protect yourself.
  3. Joining with other player and help them.
  4. Find unsolvable archipelago full of danger.
  5. Win thousand of unique island.
  6. Face enemies boos and defeat him.
  7. Awesome Graphics and easy to use.
  8. Collect Gold, Wood, Stone for survive.

What’s New in latest version of Boom Beach :

  1. All Bugs fixed.
  2. Ranks and earn reward via winning levels.
  3. Friendly fight to experience.
  4. Ice beam, with the help of you can freeze your enemies.
  5. Save your Favorite combination Force.

Feature of Boom Beach Hack :

  1. You have unlimited coins.
  2. You have unlimited Diamonds.
  3. You also have unlimited Woods.
  4. Daily Updates Feature.

Install Process of Boom Beach MOD APK 2016 :

  1. Download The Boom Beach Mod apk.
  2. Go to Setting > Security > Check “Unknown Sources” box.
  3. Install in your phone’s Storage internal or external memory would work properly.
  4. Now, Go to the Boom Beach Apk File and tap on it, to be installation.
  5. It will done installing within a minute.
  6. Done, Now enjoy the Game.

Download Link Here

I am sure that you will enjoy this Boom Beach mod apk with unlimited diamonds. I try my best to give you all info about Boom Beach after reading this Boom Beach Article, If you face problem then just comment on below comment section.

How To Delete / Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android | 2016

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android In this Era of smartphones, We come across some problems regarding usage of smartphones. The main feature because of which it is called a smartphone is its phone book. but sometimes it seems like some of my contacts are just duplicated automatically or maybe due to some backup planning of the phone’s algorithm. When First time I came across this problem in my phone, I was like ‘what the hell is this??‘ And the duplicated contacts are also contributing in the memory space of my phonebook. So, I tried to fix this problem. And guess what?? I did it. So, now I wanted to share this method with all of those geeks out there, who are also facing this problem. But they are not sure, ‘how to get rid of this?‘.
Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android
Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android
Generally in Androids, you can find plenty of duplicate files. To Find all these annoying Duplicate files, we can Either use Duplicate File Finder Tool Or Follow the following simple steps. Today I’m Going to share one of my secrets with you. So, Sit tight and read carefully. And follow these simple steps and you’ll easily fulfill your desired task. Follow the simple steps to have an successful deletion of Duplicate Contacts in your Android. :

 Steps to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android :

In this process, we are going to use an external application, which you can easily download from the Google Play Store. After Installing this awesome application, follow these steps to remove all unwanted duplicate contacts in your phone. Few people do it manually, which can take a lot of time, depending upon the amount of the contacts in your phone. But why bother? If you can do it with a single click. So, let’s start with the First step first.
  1. Go to Google play store and Install ‘SIMPLER MERGE DUPLICATES‘ Application in your android phone. Or Click Here…
  2. Now Start the application.
  3. Use this application for finding all the Duplicate files / contacts in your phone. Select all of them.
  4. Now Tap on the Merge Button.
  5. Now, All the contacts with the same name will be deleted and only the original copy of them is kept for usage.
  6. You’re Done.
By Following these simple 5 Steps. You can make your life much more easier than manually remove duplicate contacts from android. Atlast, I hope that, you’ll like this simple and easy tutorial for your purpose. If you are still in doubt, Feel free to comment in the comment field below. We’ll be happy to help you. Thanks .

Top 10 Best Horror Games for Android | 2016

Best Horror Games For Android 2016 – Hi Guys, today we comes with very interesting article that is Horror Games for android. Everyone have their own taste some are like adventure games, some action games, some shooting Games so more. we already give you lots of games reviews which are best for your device. So many peoples like horror movies, horror place and so more horror things. so guys this article specially for those who loves horror games. In this game which we suggest you below you can see so many Scary things happens in this game, footsteps is one of them. If you was visited a legend circus and you can not forget that trip ! In this game you feel like that trip. so ready to face the scary things there is horrible atmosphere, Broken Lights, scary jokers and so more things happens in this games which makes you scary. Some Games Support fully 3D characters and environments with awesome and scary level details. Best sound effect with high 3D audio Quality.

Top 10 Best Horror Games for Android :

Best Horror Games for Android

Slendrina : The Cellar

Slendrina: The Cellar is very popular and best horror games for android. It based on slendrina the cellar story, In this game she will become more powerful evil and she will do anything to stop you. In this game you have to try finding the missing books in the dark nigh and after finding you have to run to the exit for winning the level. There are so many Scary things happened in this game, footsteps is one of them. You need to find some keys to open the other doors. Find everywhere because they could be anywhere. If you love slendrina man story then you will love this Game also.

Haunted Circus 3D

Haunted Circus 3D is also very best horror games for android. In this game you have to survival horror wrapped inside the 3D World. In this Game you have simple two finder control. Basically when you visit a legend circus and you can not forget that trip! You will remember there horrible atmosphere, Broken Lights, Scary jokers and lots of things which makes you scary and you escape from the circus and save their life.

The child Slendrina

The Child Slendrina is also best horror games for android. Slendrina is back with new scary and new feature Game. In This game Slendrina have a baby, she has grown and become a evil as her mother. Now you have to more careful while running around in the cellar corridors. You also see the slendrinas Father that means you have to be prepared to meet him. When you see her Father you have to be run as soon as possible. You just have to find 8 keys to win the game.

House of Slendrina

House of slendrina is also a horror Game and part of slendrina games which is also free on Google Play Store But you will face some Contains Advertising. In this game you need to find everything about Slandrina. You have to analyse her house and find out who is really she. But Its not a easy like previous game, In this game Slendrina becomes more evil and powerful. You need to find 8 pieces of a picture to open the slandrinas secrete.

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger is also one of the best Horror game for android device. In this game you will see Awesome graphics with advanced lighting and post-process effects. There is fully 3D characters and environments with awesome and scary level details. Best sound effect with high 3D audio Quality. You have to shoot their heads, chop off their body parts and kill them very creatively.

Into the Dead

Into the dead throws in the horrible world of the scariness there is no second chance so do what every you do for stay alive. Run as fast as you can and kill the zombies very creatively. It has Great graphics with stunning visuals and sound effects. This game provides you constant challenges to overcome with playing missions and mini goals.

Eyes The Horror Game

Eyes The Horror game is another Best horror Games In android device with awesome graphics. It is very easy to play and you will play different types of horror missions.  In this game we have find a valuable thing which is ask to find. You have to Survive in the building and find the things for survive and escape from the haunting ghost.  By Play this game you will feeling of real horrifying environment and with different horror sounds.

Five Hours At Hospital

Five Hours At Hospital is again best Horror game in our collection. In this Game have to escape from zombies. After leaving job from Asylum our hero found job as a security guard at hospital.  A Zombie apocalypse is broken in the middle of our shift and we have to leave the hospital before zombies come. We can use security cameras to find hidden objects and zombies at different positions of hospital. We have to survive and escape from this hospital. Approximately 0.5 million user download this game.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a latest version of Dead trigger for android game easily available in Google Play Store for free of cost. In this game you have to saving the world against zombies. 50 plus millions survivors peoples are now part of global zombie warfare you have to join them and fight for your life.

Horror Forest 3D

Horror Forest 3d is also very interesting Horror Game in android device which is also Free in Google Play Store. In this game you will enjoying horrible adventure in the forest. You need to find 8 different objects in the forest. You need to survive in the forest to be alive. You need to escape from the creatures and ghost to escape from the forest. In this game you have to sharp your mind. This game awesome 3D graphics with horror sounds.

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Mod Apk | 2016

Counter Strike 1.6 Mod Apk – Hi guys, we all have played counter strike 1.6 games in pc. As you know this is very interesting and best shooter game. But now the day’s people don’t have a time for playing this or any pc game because they’re busy in office, students are busy in studies. This is a PC game that’s why it’s very difficult to manage or taking time for plays this game. If you really want to play this game but you can’t because of time then this article is only for you. We give you this game on android version.
download counter strike 1.6 mod apk free
Download counter strike 1.6 mod apk free
Yes, now you can play this game on your android Smartphone. No matter where’re you, whenever you free just lunch and play this game on your phone. You also play this game with your friends, office staff and other. In android version of this game you can do anything that you do in your Pc. You can create bots also and play with them. When you play this game on your android device, you’ll definitely get back when you was played with your friends.
In android version you can create a bots, Lan server also. You have so many maps on this game, some maps are new. You also have different maps some maps are based on hostages that you need to rescue hostages and some are defusing bomb where you need to defusing bomb which is planted by terrorist.  You can also join a online server and play or help other peoples.
Android counter strike has excellent graphics, control system and best sound effect. The best thing is that it’s very popular game around the world and glad to get it free. You have to need practice to play this game because playing counter strike with touch screen is not cup of tea. We give a full version of counter strike 1.6 for your android phone with touch screen control, servers, multiplayer and so more. You also can use OTG cable for connecting keyboard and mouse.
According to my point of view the game runs fine. You can play multiplayer via lan or online with friends. Still lack in some time but don’t worry after playing 1 or 2 round lacking problem will automatically solve. You can easily get armor, guns and other equipments. You also have 4 modes easy, normal, hard and expert as like PC game. If you are fan of counter strike game then we suggest you to download this game on your android smart drive, you really enjoy it.

How to install Counter Strike 1.6 Mod Apk on android phones:

Step 1. First, download the counter strike 1.6 apk. Link is on the end of article.
Step 2. Download Xash3D Android in your android phone.
Step 3. Go to Setting >> Security >> Check “Unknown Sources” box.
Step 4. Now Go to counter strike apk file and installed it.
Step 5. If your Smartphone have multi-core then download omp postfix and install in your device. If your Smartphone have single-core then download noomp apk version. If you face any problem while omp postfix installing that time you can use noomp version.
Step 6. Now, Copy counter strike and value folders and paste into “xash” folder.
Step 7. After copy paste, run cs16client and enjoy counter strike 1.6.

Download Link Here

Thank you, Guys for reading this article. I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. Smartly follow all steps and enjoy counter strike game in your android phone. In case you’ll face any problem regarding this article, don’t feel shy just comment on the below comment section and we’ll definitely solve your problems. Bye guys and for more updates like our social media sites. You can also follow us on youtube. On youtube you get lots of stuffs reviews. If you like your video then make sure you’ll click on subscribe button for more updates.

Features of Counter Strike 1.6 Mod Apk:

  • Good graphic and sound effects.
  • Several maps included.
  • Easy controls.
  • Joining option terrorist or counter terrorist force
  • Different types of guns.
  • LAN feature available.

What’s New in latest version of Counter Strike 1.6 Mod Apk ?

  • Awesome Graphics.
  • New Maps.
  • Original player models.
  • New guns.

Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks:

  • Increase money.
  • Increase time limit.
  • Add Bots unlimited bots.
  • Kill all at once.

How to Increase RAM of Android Phone / Device | 2016

Increase RAM of Android Phone 2016 – Hello Guys, today we comes with very interesting topic that is how to Increase RAM of Android Phone. As everyone know that android is the best OS mobile now the time and already make their own value in digital platform with lots of features. 70% Smart phones all over the world are based on android.  But now the time lots of application are heavier that require more RAM. Most of peoples are change their phone but now you don’t have to worry about this type of application. We teach you how to increase ram in android device. Low budgets phones are always creating a problem , mostly they stuck because of low internet memory or Ram. Most of time when you open so many application at the same time your phone will hang due to low ram. Low budget phones are always affect your phones, you can’t play heavy games, you can’t use big size applications, and you also can’t open multiple application at the same time. We know that everyone can’t afford high range phones.Increase RAM of Android Phone / Device
Android phones have always covered some ram space. It always runs some apps which we don’t need them. So you have to check in your android phone setting and stop apps process which we don’t need. Some time that type of problem existed in outdated version of android OS like CupCake, Donut, Ginger Bread. Actually every device has low shell life in market means every device gets outdated very soon due to competition in market. But now you can easily play high games, open multiple tabs and so more activities you do. Increase RAM of Android Phone does not mean that you are internally adding some hardware in your android Smartphone. And it’s been risky for your android phone. But don’t worry we give you simple way to increase ram in android.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory) ?

When you do something in your android phone like you are downloading game application and installing in your android device. After installed you’re playing that game and get or buy lots of stuff in game. With game application you also open any other apps, means you’re opening multiple apps these types of activities depends on your RAM. If your device has more ram then you can do lots of activities in your android device.

Can we solve these types of problems ?

Yes, we can solve those types of problem. After reading this article you’ll easily play heavier games, open multiple Applications at the same time and also use big size apps. This trick also depends on your processor and hardware. But when you successfully increase your android phone ram, you can easily do anything in android phone.

Requirements :

  • Higher SD card and android version 4 .
  • Rooted Smartphone.
  • SD card reader
  • Window PC

How to Increase RAM of Android Phone/device Using SD Card :

Step 1.  Firstly you need to check that your device supporting swapping or not. If it supports then go ahead.
Step 2. Create partitions in your SD card
  1. Download “Mini tool Partition wizard
  2. Connect your SD card with your PC Via SD card reader.
  3. Install the mini tool partition wizard
  4. After installed, open it and format the Sd card.
  5. Now right click on SD card and select the partition as primary and file system as FAT32 for card more than 4 GB to create partition and click Done.
  6.  Again click on partition option, select primary partition and file system to EXT2, EXT3, EXT4.
  7. Now click on apply changes.
  8. Done! You successfully created partition.
Step 3. Connect with your Rooted Android Smartphone.
  1. Download “Link2SD” app from Google play store.
  2. Connect your SD card with your rooted phone.
  3. Open the Link2SD app and give root permission, Choose the “.ext” partition.
  4. Start linking your SD card.
Step 4. Increase Ram
  1. Download Swapper for Root in your android phone.
  2. Open the app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase.
  3. This app will create a .swp file.
  4. Now you can successfully increase your android smartphone ram.

For Non-Rooted Device

If your device is not rooted, you can’t increase ram by using any method but there are so many apps which can clean your ram on daily basis.

Clean Master: Speed Booster

This application is most recommended and trusted android optimize, speed booster, battery sever. It protects your android phone and clean ram.

Smart Ram Booster

Smart ram booster is provide you free space by stopping unnecessary background process. This app will help you to run phone faster and clearing unneeded application.