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Control your TV, AC, Set Top Box from Android Mobile [IR Blaster]

Recently we talked about how you control your pc from android mobile. Butnow things we changed here we talked about how you control your TV, AC, DVD, Set Top Box and Satellite Box from android phone. This is very cool you don’t need to find any remote for your home appliances. Your android phone turn into a universal remote for your all home appliances that control with the remote.
Control your TV, AC, Set Top Box from Android Mobile [IR Blaster]
Control your TV, AC, Set Top Box from Android Mobile [IR Blaster]
IR Blaster is a sensor that comes with many android smart phone. Make sure that your phone have IR Blaster sensor for controlling your TV and other appliance’s. Here we make a small list of android phone that comes with built-in IR Blaster. Also Read: How many Sensors Inside your Android Mobiles
  • Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6
  • HTC One/One M8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • LG G2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, 7.0, Tab 3
  • Nexus 6

IR Blaster Android App

IR Universal Remote turns your android phone into a real universal remote. Use your phone’s built-in IR Blaster to control infra-red devices such as your TV, Cable Box, Satellite, DVD, DVR, AC and much more. A phone or tablet with a built-in IR Blaster is required. This application has thousands of supported manufacturer models with hundreds of thousands of different IR remote codes and is continuously growing in supported devices. This is one of  the best apps for turn your android into a universal remote.
IR Blaster
IR Blaster
Features IR Blaster Android App:
*View and use all IR-codes/buttons in the IRUDB™ database.
*Use (Quick) TV, Cable, Satellite, DVD, Blu-ray, and Air Conditioner remotes with GUI.
*Adjust button positions (drag & drop + fine tune button positions).

Downlod IR Blaster Android App

Developer: WaveSpark
Price: Free

IR Universal Remote™ + WiFi Screenshot
If your android phone not come with built-in IR Blaster don’t worry, I have a solution for you. Buy IR Adapter and attached adapter with your android phone. Now your android phone capable off controlling infrared device like TV and AC.This device connect with your audio jack.
Buy Irdroid
Try this amazing tech in your android phone and make your phone smarter than smarter.

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