Monday, 5 September 2016

Find Out Full Details of Your Android Phone

When we buy new android phone , we  are very curious to know about everything in our android phone. Here we collect some best android apps for getting every bit of details in android phone. With these android app you know everything about your android mobile. You can also know your mobile capabilities with these android system information apps.

Find Out Full Details of any Android Phone

Hardware Info

Hardware is powerful android app for knowing your android mobile hardware details. You find data of your android phone from bit tobyte from Hardware info app.
Hardware Info Android App
Hardware Info Android App
– System
– Display
– Processor
– Memory
– Cameras
– Graphics
– Features
– Codecs
– Sensors

Developer: JFDP Labs
Price: Free+


We all know CPUZ is also provide a great software for knowing Windows PC Detailed. Now they provide android app for getting android mobile all detailed information. With this android app you can see your live app data , sensors, cpu and ram. App UI is come with material design.
Developer: CPUID
Price: Free+

Atutu Benchmark

Atutu Benchmark is testing android app for android phone. When you open this app, this app asks you for running tests in your android phone.Atutu Benchmark tests your phone for performance, gaming, display and many factors. When test completeatutu give you scores. You can also see your phone detail info with this android app.
Atutu Benchmark
Atutu Benchmark
Developer: AnTuTu
Price: Free

Now with this android app you know much more about your android phone. You can also test your android phone from this app when you buy, or you see those app result from android.

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