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Top 5 Best Torrent Downloader / Clients | 2016

Best Torrent Downloader 2016 – From the Last 2 Decades, when the internet started evolving. Who knew that There will a group, which will provide Free Data Downloading. Now, From a 3 years old to an oldy. Almost Everyone who used the internet in their life knows about the term “Torrent“. Although it is officially illegal to provide the paid Stuff freely. Even though, these Torrent sites are running due to the tremendous public support and love.Best Torrent Downloader
Torrent sites are banned in few countries, but you know. Public support is all you need to make anything happen. These Torrent sites use P2P (Peer 2 Peer) connection for supplying the user with the required data. Due to this P2P technology, it is almost impossible to trace back the original location of the source and the user end. This makes this torrent stuff much more safe and secure.
People download most of their Data, From these Torrent sites. From time to time, Govt. officials whenever to find a way to stop them. They take own whole servers of torrent and remove all possible files. But, They have many servers across the world. So, They have become the pain in the butt for the Govt. If don’t know about These sites and organisations, then you are at the right place. Keep reading. 

What is Torrent ?

According to the Mighty Wikipedia, Torrent file is a computer file that contains metadata about files and folders to be distributed, and usually also a list of the network locations of trackers, which are computers that help participants in the system find each other and form efficient distribution groups called a swarm. The file itself don’t contain any content of the file that is to be downloaded.
The File contains some extra properties on the server called as Seeds and Peers. The More the value of Seeders and Peers, the faster the file will be downloaded within the downloader. Torrent files can not be simply downloaded from the regular downloaders. They need to be downloaded from the special Clients.

Top 5 Best Torrent Downloader | 2016

As user need to have a special Downloading client to download a file from the torrent sites. There are many torrent downloaders clients are available out there on the web. Sometimes, the speed of downloading also depends on upon the way your client is handling the passed torrent file. So, Today we gonna talk about the Top 5 Best Torrent Downloaders. Which will help you in easy downloading of the data? Let’s See them.

#5. Vuze

One of the Well known Torrent downloaders is Vuze. It is an awesome torrent downloader with amazing features inbuilt in it. e.g. It contains the feature of bandwidth Control, RSS subscription, notifications, Remote controlling, media player, Remote controlling, plugin support etc. But is do put lots of load on the CPU. So, it is a classical torrent client now.

#4. BitLord

Another very famous and used torrent downloading the client. It also offers the similar features as the Vuze. The main distinguishing it from other clients is that it provides the client for the mobiles also. The downloading client Bitlord comes with many additional security features. which makes it better than Vuze.

#3. Tixati

It is not that much famous, but still very solid and trusted torrent downloading clients, which are out there on the web. Unlike other torrent clients, Tixati comes with no ads or adware within it. It is a free client with awesome features. The display of file information in chart representation is very unique. The Basic features of bandwidth control, DHT etc. are also there. But the client is only available for Windows and Mac platforms. While Linux based binaries are still under development.

#2. qBittorrent

This torrent downloading client can be considered as the best alternative for the uTorrent. The client is free and comes with almost similar features. It also contains some advanced features. It is very Light, Fast and one of the Best Torrent Downloader. and can be considered as the uTorrent without the ads. Its simple design makes it easy to operate and use for even a newbie user.

#1. uTorrent

Here  comes  the Father of all other torrent downloading clients. The Best Torrent Downloading client. It is the most trusted and used downloading client out there. It provides the smooth uninterrupted downloading experience. The main thing is that It is available for all the OS platforms. The simple User interface makes things better.

I Must say, that Torrent is one of the most famous and used places on the web. The way they provide Free Data, and the popularity and Respect they have earned in these years, is really unbelievable. Officially they are illegal. but they are kind of Robin Hood type. Who takes paid things from the providers and make them available to the public for Free.
At last, I can assume that you have learnt about the Top 5 Best Torrent Downloader or Clients 2016. If you are still in doubt or have any other query regarding the torrent clients. We are here to help you. Just Leave a comment below in the comment field. and we’ll try to help you within 24 hours. Thanks.