Sunday, 4 September 2016

Splashtop RDP Remote App for Control and Mirroring Your PC in Android

Splashtop is Best RDP (Remote Desktop) for android mobile. Only withSplashtop Android app you can watch PC movies without any glitch. You can start any movies in your PC and you can live watch that movies in Mobile. Now you know how fast is this.

Splashtop Remote for Android
Splashtop Remote for Android
Splashtop android app control your pc from android mobile. Not controlling you can also see your pc in android mobile screen. One of the most amazing feature of this android app is you can play pc games in android mobile.
This is true, you can check your games compatibility with this android app on Internet. Splashtop give you ability to control every part of your pc from wifi.

Splashtop RDP Android App Features :
  • Control PC from Android Mobile.
  • Works with WIFI network(Only need internet for login or creating id)
  • Free when your mobile and pc on same wifi(Paid when you not on same network)
  • Watch Movies in android mobile without any glitch
  • Superfast stream movies, music and screen sharing.
  • Listen Audio Output of your PC in Android Mobile. (You can use your Mobile as a Headphone and Watch PC Movies )
  • Play PC Games in Android Mobile
  • Simple setup.

Setup Connection for Splashtop for Mirroring and Control PC in Android Mobile

With Wifi Router
First and the most important thing is wifi, make sure that your android mobile and your windows pc are on same network. If you are running wifi router that is good.
Without Wifi Router from Creating Hotspot
If you are running laptop or pc without wifi  router , don’t worry you have second option. Now you need to create wifi hotspot from your laptop. Create WiFi hotspot in Windows 7 and share Internet With Android. Now Connect your android mobile from this wifi network.
Make sure you have working internet connection for creating new splashtop account and login new account in android mobile. When you login with your id disconnect you internet. If you are second option (creating wifi hotspot) make sure you share connected internet connection with with wifi hotspot , otherwise you android mobile can’t get internet.

Splashtop Setup Tutorial for Controlling and Screen Sharing your PC from Android Mobile

# 1 Download Splashtop Streamer Software for Windows PC from Splashtop Website.
#2 Install software in pc and create new splashtop id from this software.
Splashtop Streamer Login ID
Splashtop Streamer Login ID
#3 Now Download Splashtop Android App from Google Play Store.
#4 Open App, Login with your Splashtop id in android mobile.
Splashtop AppLogin ID
Splashtop AppLogin ID
#5 Now you see your PC name Connect with it.
splashtop remote rdp
splashtop remote rdp
If you follow all steps correctly ,you can control your pc from this Splashtop RDP Screen Sharing app.

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