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Lettest Tips And Tricks 2016

Lettest Tips And Tricks 2016
Here are the some nice and useful tips and trick about Facebook,Mobile, Computer and Youtube which are very usefull for everyone ..

How To Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android ?

Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android – In this Era of Smartphones, Android is the most Famous OS which has popularized over a very short time span. But new things come with new Problems. If you are using android smartphones, which are somewhat similar to using a Pocket sized computer. But unlike computers, you can’t do multitasking in it. The problem with this feature in androids is that, you have to root your phone for getting multitasking benefits.Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android-min
If you rooted, your phone via following some procedure then your own security and safety will be at sake of using multitasking. In other words, you are just trading one thing for the other. You are trading your security and safety for a new feature. but in this post, we are going to show you doing the same multitasking trick, without rooting your phone. For this purpose, we’ll simply use an external Application which will allow you to Play YouTube videos in Background on Android.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android without Rooting :

The method is very simple and easy and just requires simple android app, which will allow you to play your favorite YouTube videos in the background. So, follow up the steps below to proceed with the complete guide below.

Steps To Play YouTube Videos in Background In Android :

  1. Before anything, You need to install Floating Tube” Application in your android Device from your Play Store.
  2. Once installed, you need to open the app and it will load their recommended videos for you.
  3. Search for your Favorite / interest in the search Bar. The Suggested videos will come on the screen.
  4. Simply open the video, that you want to open in the Background.
  5. The Application starts loading the video, Once loaded, it starts video in the Background.
Thats it, you can now do whatever you want your videos will always run in the background, you can do any task without closing the playing video.
There you go. Here’s all about the Play YouTube videos in Background on Android. If you are in any doubt, or need any help in applying all these steps on your device. You can easily leave a comment below this post, we’ll respond to you within 24 hours, and Your problem will be solved definitely. Thanks.

How To Cancel/Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests | 2016

Cancel / Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests – From the pasts Few years, Facebook has expanded in the internet as a Deadly virus. It has overtaken almost all the users from other social Networking sites. But as the users of Facebook increases exponentially over the years, The Problems with the Unwanted Facebook users requests came into existence. People have almost Hundreds of Unwanted friend requests from unknown users. Most likely, if you are a celebrity Or a Public Figure. This may become ‘Pain in Ass‘ for the User.
Also Facebook is most popular place to socialize with family members, friends etc. But due to these unwanted requests, our life may become hell on the virtual platform. So, Today I’m gonna show you, How to delete All these Irritating Friend Requests in just Very Few Steps. Unlike, clicking on all Pending requests and selecting ‘Delete request‘, you just need to follow these simple steps to Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests. You can also convert you Facebook Profile into Page, If you are such a big Public Figure or celebrity.
You can also visit Other Facebook Tips and Tricks, which may also help you in managing your Facebook profile more conveniently.
 The Current Article will tell you about removing all the Pending Friends requests easily, when they all seems junk or irritating to you. Due to this reason facebook also has applied some restrictions on few of their features, to avoid misuse of their features. To accomplish your goal, just follow the following steps:

How To Cancel / Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests:

  1. As usual, You need to Login into your Facebook account first.
  2. Then open Your profile and Goto Friends Section.
  3. In Friends Section, You’ll find ‘Find Friends‘ Option. Click on this option.
    Cancel/Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests
    Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests
  4. Now Scroll down their are Pending Receive Request Just there is an option for View Sent Request.
  5. OR directly click on this link.
  6. All the People those have send friend request will be listed.
  7. Now Remove all the unwanted friend request that you’ve sent in past.
The Above Tutorial “Delete Facebook Pending Sent Requests” is for those who sending too much requests for people and blocked by facebook so guys just cancel these useless sent requests and be safe. At last, I can hope that you have learnt very much about using facebook and deleting all of your pending friend requests. If you are still in doubt, you can simply leave a comment below this post. We will try to fix the problem you face. Thanks.

How To Verify Facebook Page with Blue Tick Badge | 2016

How To Verify Facebook Page 2016 – Hey Guys, Today we talk about Facebook Page and how to verify it. Everyone has their own Facebook account and you that Facebook keep on updating everyday. Facebook has recently updated the Facebook Verification and profile verification with blue tick badge. Budge is like a some kind of trust. when People see this budge on Facebook page they set a image on their mind that its real page of celebrities and companies. Now the time social media is become very important for opening any type of business. Every business man have their page on Facebook and other social media sites account without social media they can’t beat their opponents.
As Everyone know Facebook is a free site and everyone create their account easily without showing any identity proof, so peoples are creating unlimited fake accounts or pages of celebrities, singers, Actors and Most Popular peoples. so most of time we peoples are confused about which one is real or which one is Fake. Before this Facebook Verifying page updates peoples spend their time or less than 30$ in advertising fees for verifying their page But now it easily any free of cost. Basically Facebook Verify Page depends on your online and offline presence. If Someone very famous then it’ll very easy to get verify Facebook Page.

Why Facebook Verified page is important ?

As you all know Social media is very famous among on Peoples. If you open a business then you can easily promote it via creating Facebook Page. But as you know its free site for everyone and peoples are creating so many fake accounts or pages. If you search any business name or any name on Facebook and you’ll get so many pages but only one page is real, we don’t know which one is that ? so you have to be a verified page for making trust on peoples. So without verifying page your Facebook page has no value. You have to need verifying your page to making trust on peoples.

What is Benefits of verified Page ?

When your page will verified peoples are automatically attract and like your page. People will trust on your every information which you post. Via Verified Facebook page you’ll increase your fan following and when your page will famous your business will automatically famous.

What things you should do before apply for verification?

  1. Make sure your Facebook Page name is Unique and Real.
  2. Properly explain about your Facebook Page.
  3. Fill all the options on “About section”.
  4. If you have Website then link your Facebook page.
  5. Submit your Complete Proof means you have to submit your Birth Certificate, Passport, Driving license.

How to get verify Facebook Page ?

Here we give you step by step guidance to verify Facebook Page. Follow the below steps to verifying Facebook page.
Step 1. Firstly you need to log in to your Facebook account Where you create your page.
Step 2. Now click on the “Link”.
Step 3 . If this link is can’t open on your browser (Page is not available), then you can use USA proxy in your browser and try again.
How To Verify Facebook Page
  1. Now Go to the Form and Follow all the step.
  2. Select your page from the “select page” Dropdown box.
  3. Upload your Proofs By clicking “Choose Files”.
  4. If you Have your Website then Submit the link.
  5. Click send.
Once you done all the things, Now wait for a day and later you’ll get mail about verification status. If you face any type of problem you should contact on our email or you can also leave comment below in comment section you can reply you as soon as possible.

How To Delete / Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android | 2016

Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android – In this Era of smartphones, We come across some problems regarding usage of smartphones. The main feature because of which it is called a smartphone is its phone book. but sometimes it seems like some of my contacts are just duplicated automatically or maybe due to some backup planning of the phone’s algorithm. When First time I came across this problem in my phone, I was like ‘what the hell is this??‘ And the duplicated contacts are also contributing in the memory space of my phonebook. So, I tried to fix this problem. And guess what?? I did it. So, now I wanted to share this method with all of those geeks out there, who are also facing this problem. But they are not sure, ‘how to get rid of this?‘.
Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android
Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android
Generally in Androids, you can find plenty of duplicate files. To Find all these annoying Duplicate files, we can Either use Duplicate File Finder Tool Or Follow the following simple steps. Today I’m Going to share one of my secrets with you. So, Sit tight and read carefully. And follow these simple steps and you’ll easily fulfill your desired task. Follow the simple steps to have an successful deletion of Duplicate Contacts in your Android. :

 Steps to Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android :

In this process, we are going to use an external application, which you can easily download from the Google Play Store. After Installing this awesome application, follow these steps to remove all unwanted duplicate contacts in your phone. Few people do it manually, which can take a lot of time, depending upon the amount of the contacts in your phone. But why bother? If you can do it with a single click. So, let’s start with the First step first.
  1. Go to Google play store and Install ‘SIMPLER MERGE DUPLICATES‘ Application in your android phone. Or Click Here…
  2. Now Start the application.
  3. Use this application for finding all the Duplicate files / contacts in your phone. Select all of them.
  4. Now Tap on the Merge Button.
  5. Now, All the contacts with the same name will be deleted and only the original copy of them is kept for usage.
  6. You’re Done.
By Following these simple 5 Steps. You can make your life much more easier than manually remove duplicate contacts from android. Atlast, I hope that, you’ll like this simple and easy tutorial for your purpose. If you are still in doubt, Feel free to comment in the comment field below. We’ll be happy to help you. Thanks .

How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page | 2016

Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page – Today internet has become such a important thing that 90% of the human communication is possible only because of internet. Almost Every user, who uses internet for sharing or getting knowledge is a Facebook User. Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram etc. are like addiction to the human brain. Where, Some people uses these platforms for their social satisfaction, but there are few people who uses it for business or to publicize their products or brands.Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page
Facebook has provided a special section for these kind of persons via providing them option of Creating Pages and Groups. But Every person cannot handle both, His page and Profile. So, Keeping this thing in mind. Facebook has given the option to the users for easily converting their Facebook profile into Page. And then only they have to manage one page cum profile platform on facebook. which really reduces your stress and extra work in order to publicize yourself. While you have limit of 5000 friends on your profile. but after migrating your Facebook account to facebook page. you’ll have no limit over the following audience.
So, Now Without wasting any time. Let’s talk about the Steps to Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page 2016.

How To Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page :

There are only 5 Steps, that you need to follow, in order to migrate your Facebook profile into Page.
  • As this is predictable, Open New Tab in your Browser and Login to Facebook with the same account which you wanted to convert into a Page.
  • Now Click on the following link, in order to get the migration form for completing this process.
  • There you can Easily find all information regarding the migration, and then you can get the form from there or click on the link below.
  • Now Click on Get Started to proceed for migration from ‘profile to page’.convert-fb-profile-into-fb-page
  • Then select your page category like business, brand or community etc.  After completing all the procedures, Facebook will ask you for your password. Fill it. and there your go.
And Now you’ve successfully converted your Convert Facebook Profile Into Facebook Page. Sometimes it take 24-48 hours of time in order to verify your login and logout form all the trusted devices. It shows you some warning message, if you’ve logged into some other devices also. but don’t worry. Its just a warning not an error.
Now your page is ready to use. Now you can add another account for administrative control via the admin panel. Enjoy you freshly created page. Sometimes, after converting from profile to page, we realize that it’s of worthy to convert and we want to move back to our regular profile form this page.
Facebook has provided a procedure for this purpose also but in this way you need to give you Official ID proof to Facebook and they’ll verify it after which you can easily enjoy your simple facebook profile again. but do notice one thing that. You can only do this once in your lifetime. So, If again you switch form Profile to Page, then you can’t move back to your normal Facebook profile by any means.
If you are still in doubt, for any query. Please do mention it in the comment s field below. we’ll be happy to help. Thanks for all you time. we hope you’ll learn from here.

How to Increase RAM of Android Phone / Device | 2016

Increase RAM of Android Phone 2016 – Hello Guys, today we comes with very interesting topic that is how to Increase RAM of Android Phone. As everyone know that android is the best OS mobile now the time and already make their own value in digital platform with lots of features. 70% Smart phones all over the world are based on android.  But now the time lots of application are heavier that require more RAM. Most of peoples are change their phone but now you don’t have to worry about this type of application. We teach you how to increase ram in android device. Low budgets phones are always creating a problem , mostly they stuck because of low internet memory or Ram. Most of time when you open so many application at the same time your phone will hang due to low ram. Low budget phones are always affect your phones, you can’t play heavy games, you can’t use big size applications, and you also can’t open multiple application at the same time. We know that everyone can’t afford high range phones.Increase RAM of Android Phone / Device
Android phones have always covered some ram space. It always runs some apps which we don’t need them. So you have to check in your android phone setting and stop apps process which we don’t need. Some time that type of problem existed in outdated version of android OS like CupCake, Donut, Ginger Bread. Actually every device has low shell life in market means every device gets outdated very soon due to competition in market. But now you can easily play high games, open multiple tabs and so more activities you do. Increase RAM of Android Phone does not mean that you are internally adding some hardware in your android Smartphone. And it’s been risky for your android phone. But don’t worry we give you simple way to increase ram in android.

What is RAM (Random Access Memory) ?

When you do something in your android phone like you are downloading game application and installing in your android device. After installed you’re playing that game and get or buy lots of stuff in game. With game application you also open any other apps, means you’re opening multiple apps these types of activities depends on your RAM. If your device has more ram then you can do lots of activities in your android device.

Can we solve these types of problems ?

Yes, we can solve those types of problem. After reading this article you’ll easily play heavier games, open multiple Applications at the same time and also use big size apps. This trick also depends on your processor and hardware. But when you successfully increase your android phone ram, you can easily do anything in android phone.

Requirements :

  • Higher SD card and android version 4 .
  • Rooted Smartphone.
  • SD card reader
  • Window PC

How to Increase RAM of Android Phone/device Using SD Card :

Step 1.  Firstly you need to check that your device supporting swapping or not. If it supports then go ahead.
Step 2. Create partitions in your SD card
  1. Download “Mini tool Partition wizard
  2. Connect your SD card with your PC Via SD card reader.
  3. Install the mini tool partition wizard
  4. After installed, open it and format the Sd card.
  5. Now right click on SD card and select the partition as primary and file system as FAT32 for card more than 4 GB to create partition and click Done.
  6.  Again click on partition option, select primary partition and file system to EXT2, EXT3, EXT4.
  7. Now click on apply changes.
  8. Done! You successfully created partition.
Step 3. Connect with your Rooted Android Smartphone.
  1. Download “Link2SD” app from Google play store.
  2. Connect your SD card with your rooted phone.
  3. Open the Link2SD app and give root permission, Choose the “.ext” partition.
  4. Start linking your SD card.
Step 4. Increase Ram
  1. Download Swapper for Root in your android phone.
  2. Open the app and select the amount of RAM you want to increase.
  3. This app will create a .swp file.
  4. Now you can successfully increase your android smartphone ram.

For Non-Rooted Device

If your device is not rooted, you can’t increase ram by using any method but there are so many apps which can clean your ram on daily basis.

Clean Master: Speed Booster

This application is most recommended and trusted android optimize, speed booster, battery sever. It protects your android phone and clean ram.

Smart Ram Booster

Smart ram booster is provide you free space by stopping unnecessary background process. This app will help you to run phone faster and clearing unneeded application.

How to Access WordPress Files with FileZilla ?

Hi Guys, If You are using Managed WordPress Package So You Definitely need to Read this Post. You May not Know that In Managed WordPress Package There is no Option to access your File Manager and Your Site’s Root Directory. In the Other Words there is no CPanel Option. So You need to Access your WordPress Files Via Third Party Tools Like FileZilla. In Managed WordPress You Don’t have Back End Access to SFTP, SSH and phpMyAdmin So, In this Tutorial am Gonna tell You “How You Access your Back End Files of Your WordPress Blog ?”. Check Out the below Steps to Access WordPress Files with FileZilla.
How to Access WordPress Files & Root Directories with SFTP ?
How to Access WordPress Files & Root Directories with SFTP ?
There are many People Who Confused with the Hosting Account that They can’t able to Find WordPress Files in their hosting Account. So It will helpful for Newbies who are new to Use WordPress. It is very Easy Steps to Access your Root Directory & WordPress Files with FTP Client from your Computer.

Details Need to Connect FileZilla with Hosting Account :

  • Host – IP Address of Your Website. You can Find this in DNS Section.
  • Username – Your Hosting Account username for FTP.
  • Password – Your Password for FTP Hosting Account.
  • Port – Also Specify the Port Number. It 22 Always.

Steps to Access WordPress Files with FileZilla :

  1. Firstly, You Need to Download FileZilla FTP Client and Install on your System.
  2. Open FileZilla and you see the Host, Username, Password and Port Filed at the Top of the Program.
  3. You can Find Your Website’s IP, Username and Password from your Hosting Account Like (In GoDaddy Login to Gateway and Click on Settings and It will open your all FTP Details). Below Screenshot is taken from Go Daddy that Where you find your Host name, username and password.GoDaddy SFTP Details of Managed WordPress
  4. Now Back to FileZilla, Open FileZilla and Enter These Details in your Software and Click “Quick Connect” and It Will Connect with your Hosting Account. ( NOTE : Enter Your Website’s IP Address in Host Field )filezilla
  5. On the next Screen you will See Like Below Images. Where FileZilla  Views your Managed WordPress Site’s Contents in Right Corner.001
  6. You can Edit, Add & Delete Files using FileZilla and it will Directly changed in your Hosting Account.
Guys, There is no Way to Access your File Manager from your Hosting Account If You are using Managed WordPress. It means there is no CPanel Option come with this Package. So We use Third Party Tool to Access our WordPress Files.

From Editor’s Desk :

Above Topic is Very Useful for Newbie Bloggers Who use Managed WordPress. So Newbie confused that How they Access WordPress Files from Back End and According to Hosting Providers This is the Only Way to Access your Files Via sFTP using FileZilla. If You have any Doubt or Problem with this Article you can Leave a Comment below. We Fix it ASAP.

How to Download Videos from Facebook Online – 2016

How to Download Videos from Facebook Online ? You can also download facebook HD Videos. facebook logo png transparent
How to Download Videos from Facebook Online ?
Facebook is Number One Social Networking Site as Well as a Best way of Entertainment. There are Millions of People Who Daily Share Their Videos on Facebook to get Attention , Likes and Shares. People are Sharing Videos for Purposes  like Tutorials, Funny Pranks, Technology Reviews etc. But Problem is that Facebook can’t Offer you a Download Button to Get that Video on your Computer. Once I also Face this Problem too. But After Find on Internet I can Found many Ways to Directly Download Facebook Videos in Simple or HD Format (.mp4). So Here I Share my Best and Easy Way to Download Videos from Facebook as well as YouTube. Just Follow These Below Steps to Download Videos from Facebook Easily that you also download in Internet Download Manager.

How to Download Videos from Facebook 2015 ?

  1. First Go to Facebook Video that you Want to Download.
  2. You can See the Facebook Video Link in Browser URL, Just Copy that Link.Just Copy facebook video's download link.
  3. Then Go to Clip Convertor and Paste the Video’s Link and Click “Continue”.Paste that facebook video link and click continue
  4. After Clicking on Continue It can go to next Page Where it can Show the Video Quality according to Pixels.
  5. Choose your Video Quality & Size and Hit “Start” Button and Wait Until Conversion of Video Finish.Download Facebook Video
  6. Now you see the Last Step. Click on “Download” and Your Video is start Downloading.
This is a Best Way to Download Videos from Facebook. There are many Sites to Download Youtube and Facebook Videos But now Offer to download in Real Format. But According to my Experience Clip Converter is the Best Site Where you download Youtube and Facebook Videos in HD Format. You can also Download 2K & 4K Videos from Youtube If Available.

How to Secure Your WiFi Network ?

Here Guys, Here We Show the new Way that How to Secure your WiFi Network ? in Easy Way. There are many Ways to Secure your Wifi like WPA Security, WEP etc. But Here you see the Latest Method that How to Secure your WiFi Network ? in 2015.
How to Secure Your Wi Fi Network ? 2015. Free Wifi Tips and Tricks to Secure your WiFi Network
How to Secure Your WiFi Network ?
You already know that we are here to teach You How to Secure your WiFi Network ?. There are many Tutorial over internet But here we Found some Amazing way to Secure your Wi-Fi Network that only You can Offer WiFi Access to Some Specific Devices. Now that Time all Over World Wi-Fi is widely Used by  Homes, Public Places, School and Colleges So Security is also a main Concern. Most of People use Password Encryption like WPA, WEP method to Secure his Wi-Fi Network. But Sometimes it can also Breach by some Genius Computer Wiz.  So, thats Why use some extra wifi settings to Protect your wifi network by Unauthorized people to access your wifi Connection.
This Method can Apply on Mostly all types of Modems and DSL Routers Like Airtel, Binatone, D-Link, Netgear, TP-Link and Belkin. Popular Modems are always come with MAC Filtering Facility So Don’t Worry about it.

How to Secure your WiFi Network connection ?

1.) Download this Small utility named as “Wireless Net Watcher” to See Who is Connected with Your WiFi Router. In this Tool you can see the MAC of the Network Device.
How to Secure your WiFi Network ? 2015
2.) Now Open Your WiFi Modem Admin Page where you see all the Wi-Fi Modem settings
3.) Go To Interface Setup >> Wireless. Now you see the Below Settings where you Enter the MAC Address of that Devices that you want to connected with your Wi-Fi Network Connection.
How to Secure Your Wifi Network Connection ? 2015
4.) Click on Save to Enable the MAC Address Filtering. With the Help of this Method Every Time when someone wants to connect with your Wi-Fi they Got Error. Only the Specifies Devices is Access your Wi-fi Network Connection.