Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Top 5 Windows Software for Every Windows User 2016

Window OS is one of the most popular OS for PC. 90% People in world use Windows OS for PC. When you install new Windows in PC, You need good software for running your windows pc smoothly and useful. Here we make a list of best windows basic programs. These programs/software is very useful for any windows pc user.  Download these software and make your windows pc is more useful for you.

Top 5 Windows Software for Every Windows User 2016

#1 VLC Media Player (For Playing Videos)

Vlc media Player is one of the best media player for watching movies and videos in Windows PC. Vlc media player comes with lots of feature like playing dual audio movies, run movies with subtitle and much more. See more VLC Media Player Tricks on our previous article.Top 10 Best VLC Media Player Hidden Tricks that you don’t know.

Vlc Media Player
Downlaod VLC Media Player for Windows PC

#2 Microsoft Security Essentials (Antivirus Security Software)

Microsoft Security Essentials is official security software from Microsoft. With this free antivirus software you can scan your windows for virus and trojans. MSE provides you best security for your windows PC without any type of cost. Download software from Microsoft website and runs update. You can directly download latest MSE update from Official Website.

Microsoft Security Essentials
Download Microsoft Security Essentials

#3 Adobe Reader (Reading PDF Book)

When you talk about important software adobe reader is our 3rd in list. Adobe reader comes with many feature for viewing any pdf document. PDF(Portable Document Format) is a format of book and guides, if you don’t install this software you can’t read any book or guides in windows pc.

Downlaod Adobe PDF Reader

#4 Chrome Browser (For Browsing Internet)

Chrome Browser is made by google for surfing the internet. Google Chrome browser is one of the fastest browser for surfing internet in windows pc. Chrome offers extension market , that means you do many things without closing browser. See Top  5 Google Chrome Extensions.

Chrome Browser
Download Chrome Browser

#5 Winrar (For Extracting and Compressing Files)

Winrar extract compress files, mostly downloaded files from internet is compress. This software also compress different files into one with less size. Winrar compress and extract files in many formats.


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