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Best Tool for Edit Photos in iPhone, Android , Desktop and Web

Autodesk Tool is one of the great names in animation and 3D Design.  Autodesk created many tools for  its users. In this post we tell you how you edit your photos with Autodesk Pixlr . Autodesk Pixlr is  a free tool that available for all cross-platform. You can use this tool in your PC, Android Phone , iPhone, Windows Phone and Web.  Autodesk Pixlr is one of the great tools for editing photos with many great features. You can do more with your picture from this tool.
Autodesk Pixlr
Autodesk Pixlr
Autodesk Pixlr in PC works great. If you say Photoshop is good , but Photoshop is not free and this tool is. Autodesk Pixlr edit your photos and all features comes come in simple interface. Anyone can edit photos without any knowledge of photo editing.
Actuallly I edit lots of photos for my this blog prophethacker. Autodesk Pixlr all features is same for all platforms. If you lean edit photos in PC you can also learn same thing for other platforms like web or android phone.
Pixlr comes with lots of features and pixlr photo editing software is great because its cross-platform os. That’s we Pixlr is one of the best —
  • Best Online Photo Editing Software
  • Best Windows PC Photo Editing Software
  • Best Android App for Photo Editing 
  • Best iPhone App for Photo Editing 
Below we describe some best features that you found in Autodesk Pixler Best Photo Editing Software.
Powerful, and incredibly easy to use.
Apply a quick fix and fine-tune any picture or add your personal touch with effects, overlays and borders.
Over 2 million combination of effects.
Add your personal style to photos with over 100 effects, 340 overlays, and 200 borders. Adjust transparency, resize, and rotate each element to create the perfect touch.
Autodesk-Pixlr-Lots-Of -Features
Autodesk-Pixlr-Lots-Of -Features
Selection made easy.
Influence Masks give you precise control over how effects are applied to specific areas of your photo, allowing you to be creative and original in completely new ways. A little more control goes a long way.
Turn your photo into a work of art.
Add effects like crosshatch, halftone, and dapple with a single click. Apply other effects and filters on top just for the look you want.
Fix and fine-tune any images.
Apply quick fixes to your photos with features such as crop, straighten, resize, and more. Auto fix features balances out colors and adjusts for poor lighting conditions in a simple one-click fix.

Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editing App for Windows Phone
Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editing App for Apple iPhone and iPad
Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editing App for Android Phone
Developer: Autodesk Inc.
Price: Free+
Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editing App for Google Chrome
Price: Free
  • Pixlr Editor Screenshot
Developer: Autodesk
Price: Free
  • Pixlr Touch Up Screenshot

Autodesk Pixlr Photo Editing App for Web 

You need to only open your browser and go to below websites and you edit your favourite photos without installing any type of software in system.
Pixlr Editor
Pixlr Editor is professional photo editing app for web. This is like paint in windows pc , so you can edit your photos like pro on web. It doesn;t matter which browser or which os you use.
Pixlr Express
Pixlr Express is online tool , you can also download this tool in your PC. This tools edit your photos with some tools and pre templates.

Autodesk Pixlr for Windows and Mac

Download Autodesk Pixlr for Windows and Mac 

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